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About what I do

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Besides this website, I maintain a portfolio blog in which I post the various stages of creation of my portraits and paintings. You will also find articles there concerning airbrush (the analogue type i.e.), which is what I used to do before creating digital art and software related articles. This mainly concerns software used in the graphic and design business - vector drawing programs, photo-(pixel)editors, DTP-programs and web editors etc. On this page I briefly sum up the things I do with links to more detailed articles in my portfolio blog. A glimpse at some of my personal existence can be obtained here.

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No Coding

What I like to do best, is create art; digital art lately. I prefer to create vector art, but also make pixel art. I consider vector art to be the future of digital art as drawing programs become more sophisticated. Affinity Designer is already ahead of the competition where it concerns its possibilities to create realistic vector art. For pixel art I use Affinity Photo, an other great product of Serif. Look for the portraits and paintings in my portfolio blog and on the Vector and Pixel menu links to the right in the sticky navigation bar at the top of the screen. 

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Mobile Friendly

I did a lot of DTP work, using InDesign upto a short while ago, mainly in the educational field, particularly in the aviation and advanced composites business. I made books with hundreds of pages, containing hundreds of drawings in 2D and 3D that were drawn from scratch. I stopped doing this after Adobe introduced its wretched subscription model; I could not afford doing this on this very costly basis. I briefly tried working with QuarkXpress, but soon found out that its functionality is nowhere near that of InDesign.

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Unique Styles

The trick with logos is that the designs must be easy on the eyes and settle in the brain instantly. Simple geometric shapes or shapes that hint at such are the basis of famous logos. Also shapes of objects that everyone knows are among those that are recognized and stored swiftly by the human brain. Colours also play a major role in recognition and mood creation since they have a psychological significance that incite certain moods. It's all about patterns that trigger associations that bring about what businesses look for.

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Unlimited Sites

Business cards
Paper and plastic business cards are on their way out. They are increasingly replaced by digital cards. These often are stored in mobile devices and are wirelessly transferred to other devices where they are stored instantly. Theoretically they can be passed on an infinite number of times without the cost of printing. The card design however remains important since it was, is and will be the aspect that makes them stand out. In a highly competitive society having better looks, a clearer lay-out and a pleasant general feel are very important.

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No Coding

Tech drawings
Creating technical drawings has made up a large part of the DTP work that I mentioned above, I did when working for the Technical Training Department of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines in the mid nineties of the previous century. I draw in 2D and 3D whichever type of drawing makes the topic most clear - the most effective view, cut-aways or ghost views etc. Most of my technical drawings were used for educational and maintenance purposes. Creating perfect complex drawings is a challenge that inspires me and in which field I have a lot of experience and great track record.

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Mobile Friendly

It seems just one step from creating portraits to drawing cartoons, but it is a path scarcely walked. Portraits are a serious business while cartoons suggest there's not a lot of seriousness behind them. It's a misperception, cartoons may appear to just be an intentionally biased and amped visual interpretation, but tinkering with likeness has its limits; overstep them and it goes out the window. Just how far to take contortions is always the sketch artist's challenge. Cartooned faces must always retain the essence of a subject's appearance to be appreciated.

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Unique Styles

When writing effective texts it helps when the writer is aware of etymology, rhytm and cadance in language. It is SEO for the mind. Many aspects of language are not consciously known by most people, but they nevertheless pick up certain things subconsciously which are aspects that can be used by aware writers of which I consider myself to be one to a certain extent. To obtain a general idea of what I mean to express here please click this link that leads to an article about language in relation to Francis Bacon in my opinion blog. You can also click the image above to go there.

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Unlimited Sites

Poetry to me is awareness in the form of a metaphor. I write rhyming poetry in the tradition of artists and visionaries of the past who understood that rhythm and cadance adds a dimension to common speech. In ancient times spells, magic writings and sacred texts were used to bring about events and fulfil wishes. It is a forgotten art, but it has not lost any of its powers. Poetry is putting to words feelings and thoughts that go beyond the (induced) boundaries of this dimension. This is what I attempt to practice. Click the image above to visit my poetry blog.

Check out my vector and pixel art on this site and do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions or require top quality work.


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