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Below you see my blog entries. They may be related to art topics or not. I should perhaps mention that I don't have a comfort zone. It was ruined by the torrent of braindead people who don't have a proper excuse for cluttering up this planet. If you've one that prevents you from figuring out why you shouldn't have one, I would suggest counseling and / or medication, while being aware that counsellors often are more bonkers than those seeking counsel and many meds are created to create and expand their own market, fictitiously pretending to possess remedial attributes. In any case, the matters in this page popped up in my head and refused to be contained. So here they are for you to take note, perhaps consider or just simply ignore.

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June 10 2018 14:03
Reiterating what commonly are considered to be facts often is useless. Especially if they're guff that hasn't been exposed for what it is because too many people just parrot what they've been told without actually trying to figure out if that makes sense. You can get certificates for aping bunk from certified people who were previously licensed for echoing crap they were taught. You find many of those in circles that have a free pass to mess up this world. Because they've a degree. It's a permit that allows you to do whatever the fuck you want whenever it pleases you to do it, assuring that your fellow certified braindeads will cover the fleshy part of your body that you sit on in case things don't go the way they were expected to go. This happens when sane, sincere people start to vigorously question the conduct of privileged nutters.

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June 07 2018 22:55
Bought a new mouse today (as a father's day present to myself...). A Trust WMS-122, which, as the abbreviation suggests, is a wired mouse because I dislike wireless stuff; my entire home network is wired. The thing I was looking for are large sliding surfaces on the bottom of the mouse, marked by red contour lines as shown in the top image that shows the bottom of the mouse. They make moving the mouse around smoother, because the surfaces are much larger than in old types of mouses, so they slide better. In old mouse types the sliding surfaces were glued onto the mouse bottom. After the glue gave away the sliding surfaces lost their coherence with the mouse, exposing uncovered glue areas that picked up dirt and fat, making movement of the mouse harder and less accurate. The new mouse's sliding surfaces are embedded in a ridged, shallow cavity that prevents them from detaching from the mouse body. In addition, the push button below the scroll wheel (marked by the green contour line as seen in the bottom image that shows the top of the mouse) allows to change the resolution at which the cursor can be moved across my desktop screen, which is important to me since I make drawings with the mouse. This mouse is a huge improvement compared to the previous one I used - the new mouse moves more smoothly and allows accurate cursor positioning. So, kudos to Trust for reasoning towards important details and using their finds to create a great product. For some people (like me) such small changes are a big thing. Finally, this mouse gives off a soft squeak (beep) like a proper mouse should, when lifted up in the air. At first I thought it was my laundry dryer, but it turned out it wasn't.

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June 04 2018 23:30
My first attempt to create a vector painting. It contains ZERO pixels and ALL vectors. To be honest I hate the proverbial vector portraits that are full of hard lines that artists try to obscure by fiddling with the colours of  semi natural shapes, because most vector drawing programs are simply unable to produce proper blurred edges. This shortcoming has been turned into some trend (which is what sly marketing departments do and gullible artists mindlessly believe), but it remains a lack of functionality from any angle. Affinity Designer does not lack these function flaws. I'm trying to prove that by creating this vector painting.

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May 19 2018 23:48
Combining visual art and (an attempt to) poetry: 'Crossing Death's Frontier'. Currently I am drawing this in vectors. I will post the progress sequence in my portfolio blog once it is finished. For the time being, here is the one from my poetry blog that I used as a reference. Click the image to see a larger version of this visual poetry type of work that will be created from scratch in Affinity Designer.

Time to say bye bye to time

May 18 2018 02:55
Time is a bloody illusion, which now has been proven. Tell your boss the next time he yells at you for being late. It is time to forget about time. No one has ever been able to describe it properly, yet it has always been used to punish people for being too early or too late. Turns out it is a hoax. The greatest one of all time.

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May 17 2018 21:56
Dunning and Kruger figured out why stupidity is annoying and difficult, if not impossible, to cure. Stupid people aren't aware of the fact that they're bonkers, which is an inescapable condition to improve oneself. When loonies are surrounded by fellow idiots, it is even harder to make them realize that they're dolts, because the headcases can be made to agree with whatever bunk is hallucinated. It's typical for todays world.

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May 17 2018 15:36
Turned the cartoons of Dutch soccer showhosts and reporters in to woodcut images. From left to right and top to bottom: Johan Derksen, Rene van der Gijp, Wilfried Genee and Sierd de Vos. Click the image to see a larger version in a new tab. The vector woodcut portraits were created in Affinity Designer, using the tilted sine lines as a template in which the images are contained. Works like a charm.

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May 14 2018 21:59
I changed the appearance of my portfolio blog from light grey to dark grey today. Meant to do that for a long time, but the Google Blogger interface wasn't working properly until I found a site that explained a work around that worked. Inspite of what 'experts' say, I think a dark background is better from an esthetic and physiological point of view.

Watch Constructive Interference

May 14 2018 11:45
In the graphic realm multi-layered woodcut images in 2D can be transformed into 3 dimensions, thereby simulating an artwork such as 'Constructive Interference' in the university of Oregon. It basically shows the ease with which the perceptional abilities of the human mind can be manipulated. That should make us prepared to question if anything that we observe in our 'real' 3 dimensional environment actually is correct, as opposed to our perceptions of the intolerant 2 dimensional plane that leave less to our other talents or limitations.
And the above only corresponds to the visual aspect of our perception. Sound also has specific qualities that have the ability to put us on or off target, such as music in cinematic expressions like the low pitch cello musical fragment in 'Jaws' preparing for horrible things to happen.
So perhaps we are totally unable to perceive reality and instead only agreed upon the ways in which the illusion we call reality tricks us.

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May 12 2018 00:51
Diving deeper into creating vector woodcut portraits and still discovering more functions within Affinity Designer that allow me to raise the quality of those works. It is an abosultely wonderful program that has functionality that is absent in Illustrator and CorelDRAW. The parametric properties are extremely useful to graphic artists, they allow to tinker until things are exactly what is desired. Mess up things and there is always a way to resolve the mistakes and misjudgements. Absolutely brilliant, like the subject of my latest portrait: Monsieur Voltaire. Click the image to see a larger version.

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May 09 2018 11:14
Experimenting with creating vector woodcut portraits, which is a bit of a nuisance. Many things to consider when constructing such drawings. Still a tad confusing at this point. After four trials and errors I arrived at this level of complexity. I used my vector portrait of Abe Lincoln as the image for this test. Click the image to see a larger version. Go to my portfolio blog to see a detailed explanation of how to create a vector woodcut portrait.

Affinity Designer application of the year 2018

May 07 2018 13:12
Affinity Designer was just voted the application of the year in 2018! The Affinity programs are best suited for the new generation of graphic artists. Those who have created many files in the Adobe or Corel suits may have a problem converting a ton of files, even if Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo have the option to import files containing a layer structure such as .psd and .ai. These files must first be saved and / or exported into formats that have layer information before importing them in the Affinity programs in which editing can be continued.
New artists don't have this conversion problem and are far better off with Affinity, simply because there are no files to convert. Affinity users can flawlessly collaborate with other artists and / or printshops that use the Adobe software, because Affinty can correctly import and export the formats used by Adobe.
Artists that have only recently entered the graphic trade are fortunate to be able to choose the Affinity tools to work with from scratch. They are equally powerful to those of the market leaders, while being a lot less costly and adding features that are absent in the old programs.

Nassim Haramein

May 05 2018 01:22
Heard and watched something interesting this evening; Nassim Haramein saying: 'You can get the right answers from a flawed theory.' It sounds ludicrous at first, but then he continued to explain: 'When man thought the universe was geocentric they could nevertheless predict where stars would be in the sky at a certain time. Now that we know that our solar system is heliocentric, we arrive at similar conclusions, while using a different model. What this basically implies, is that any theory or opinion can be used to explain things. Idiots as well as smart people find this oddity interesting and useful.


May 04 2018 21:08
Deactivated my Facebook account. Fed up with the privacy breaches and moderation. Not that I expect it to do me any good, because the CIA owned social media site had enough time to use my personal data to create a profile of me while I was wasting time there. But now I am finally free to waste my time elsewhere. Cheers !

Albert Camus

May 05 2018 10:34
Albert Camus once expressed his thoughts about abstract art in a hilarious way, saying that it is 'A product of the untalented, sold by the unprincipled to the utterly bewildered'. Robert Frost's opinion of free verse poetry - poetry without a formal structure, like a rhyme scheme - is like 'playing tennis without a net'. I believe these considerations also apply to working methods of practitioners of the digital arts. Sincere graphic artists work hard to create good stuff. Perhaps I am biased, but I am convinced great things do not come easy in this realm riddled with limitation and paradox. Crap is crap anywhere.

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May 04 2018 03:42
Working class is absent in creative and cultural sectors in the UK according to the article that you can visit by clicking the emoji. This is not just a situation occurring in the UK, but elsewhere on earth and vicinity as well. Working class is in the morgue, middle class is terminally ill and the jewellery rattlers aren't creative since they traditionally have more interest in razing things and people in order to benefit from the destruction. They are not interested in creativity unless there is money to be made from it. The (affluent) leading forces in the art business and graphic world set the conditions that lead to the present situation. They control the market, decide which companies (that built specific soft- and hardware) are allowed to dominate and control the real-time and virtual facilities that serve to present creative artwork (as long as it meets the criteria that they set) while directing the immoral half-wits in mainstream media. It forces many artists to create art just for the sake of art. While the less principled gladly sell their soul for a ticket allowing them to mingle with the 'in-crowd'. In cases like Vincent van Gogh, the rich leeches wait until the artist moves to other realms before they conspire to artificially raise the price tag of the art by the deceased to levels beyond ridiculously overpriced.

Vladimir Putin vector portrait

May 02 2018 02:04
The vector portrait of Vladimir Putin is coming close to completion. The neck, shirt, tie, jacket and background with the chair are drawn. Some tweaking with the shadows and highlights must still be done. Today I also removed all Corel programs from my computer. I will no longer be able to edit the files made in them and decided it is time to definitively switch to the Affinity programs.

Dribbbbbbbble logo

April 28 2018 00:26
Okay, something useful for a change, more in particular the uselesness of participating in sites like Behance and Dribbble. Countless pages flooded with countless artworks, many of which are causing a rash. 99,99% of the submissions perish in excess. Winning the lottery is more likely to happen than getting noticed by people that actually need the artwork that was submitted in those places. If anything, such sites serve to condition artists that it is best to use the hugely overpriced Adobe suit. Obviously I am of a different opinion. Which is why I have decided it makes more sense to stay away from them. They won't miss me and I sure as hell won't miss them.


April 28 2018 00:07
The past day the Dutch king was celebrating his birthday, an event mainstream media always tries to present as a spectacle, usually featuring the royals pretending to mingle in pre-fabricated festivities with commoners, that haven't yet figured out they're merely supporting players in a script that is meant to keep the hierarchical illusion alive. The image shows the king cleansing the root of his respiratory tract during a sporting event.

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April 27 2018 00:00
Outside Affinity Designer, the only vector drawing program that allows to blur vector shapes is Inkscape. It is a free open source program that has a bundle of functions embedded in an interface that differs entirely from CorelDRAW and Adobe Illustrator. Affinity Designer is much closer to those in terms of UI and clearly was built by devs who have a profound graphical background. Getting things done in Affinity Designer is more intuitive and requires less clicks than in Inkscape, that nevertheless is a magnificent program.

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April 26 2018 01:13
Here's a trick of the trade that you can do in Affinity Designer that simply is impossible in Adobe Illustrator and CorelDRAW. I created a texture brush of random circle like shapes, blurred and varying in intensity. With that brush I can draw lines and / or shapes (areas) and then apply 3D lighting fx to it, while having full control over its color. And, best of all, these remain editable. I also blur the texture and make sure it scale with the object. This way I can make pores and wrinkles in a face. This image can be re-scaled to any desired size without losing quality. It is a major set of functions that allows me to draw vector portraits. An other indispensable function is that Affinity Designer allows to create blurred vector shapes that can be coloured with gradients and be applied a varying opacity. These are the functions that artists can't do without when they create realistic vector portraits. Click the image to see a larger version.

Defence against Facebook crap

April 24 2018 01:12
If you're a sad person like me, who wastes time on Facebook and uses a browser that has a Chrome engine, it may be worthwhile to check out 'FB purity', which helps visitors to get rid of the bunk Facebook continually tries to ram down their throats. the extension will, as a result, cure any Facebook induced anal discomfort.

Blurps that may be of interest

April 23 2018 01:58
The world is unaware of what is taking place in the world. People seem to know things that are presented to be knowledge, normal conduct or truth, while they are none of that. Only few are aware that there are many things that are terribly wrong, contrary to most who behave like all is well. There is something horrendously amiss with the way we communicate. In verbal, written and visual communication. True artists know.

Tips on Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo

April 21 2018 22:33
There are many excellent tutorials on Affinity Desginer and Affinity Photo on Vimeo. Just type the names of those programs in Vimeo's search bar and you will find them. A number of those really go in depth in explaining how to use features of both the Serif's vector and pixel program. I do not consider myself to be a newbie to either of those programs, but picked up some nice tips nevertheless.

Go to the Affinity site

April 20 2018 - 11:37
My first blog entry on the new page after dropping - new start, new blurps. I tried creating vector portraits in CorelDRAW and Illustrator, but did not feel comfortable with the mesh-fill tool. They don't have vector shape and brush stroke blurring options. I became even more uneasy with the absence of these functions after having read that it took Corel and Adobe artists many months (....) to create one. Affinity Designer has features that allow me to create vector portraits in a different way without compromising quality at all, in notably less time - a few weeks at most. Inkscape has similar features, but its UI is rather tricky to become familiar with. For me at least. Affinity Designer has a UI that feels familiar to artists that come from CorelDRAW and Illustrator and adds functionality to it that is absent in those programs. I may elaborate on this in an other blog entry some time in the future, but for now I am happy very with AD!


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