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On this page you find my blog, well more like blurps or brain farts actually since more extensive blog entries are posted in my portfolio blog that you find here. After the previous site was lost due to problems with Mobirise - the web editor with which this website was made - my blurps also vanished. They're sometimes graphics, art or design related and somethimes not. Don't bother to comment, I'll ignore comments on my blurps anyway.

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Dec  01 2018 20:49 24 - The burger binging band mentioned in the previous entry isn't going to disobey anyone or any organization they believe to be a legal authority, in doing so not taking into account that in order to reach the top - thereby gaining authority - a lot of jostling and deluding is required in this dog eat dog world, which makes by far the most authorities untrustworthy to say the least. It is more than obvious that today's authority and leadership are corrupt to the core, evil and ruthless. Anyone not of that opinion hasn't been paying attention. Such people will not be of help to cause the tables to turn, in fact they will most likely defend the hand that sways the scythe above their heads. Do not count on them and don't waste time in trying to make them see what is going on. It is useless, frustrating and often even dangerous.

The Chaff & the Wheat

Nov  18 2018 20:49 - I feel there's no way to ignore some things, yet there are shedloads of people doing just that while I thought everyone felt that there is something terribly wrong with todays world. A poem bubbled up thinking about this:

The brain-dead burger binging band
Is heading towards the burger stand
Which is why none of them will miss
Precious Wisdom, Truth and Justice...

In the end this will separate the chaff from the wheat, meaning the aware from the (wilfully) ignorant. The sad thing is that it is close to impossible to make ignorant people aware of what matters in this dimension. In addition, I think the end is quite near, to which I feel that I must add that each end is also a beginning of something new. So, a new beginning to each group probably is saying things more accurately.

Nov  04 2018 13:49 - New VectorWhiz logo and favicon. It stands out more than the old one (that contained too much detail) and its simple shape makes it easier to remember, while the merged text also directly refers to this web site, making it easier to remember both visually and text-wise. The combined V-W shape was created in Affinity Designer, extruded and filletted in Rhino 3D and the circular texts were made and coloured in Cinema 4D (also a 3D program). The latter has an excellent filter option that allows to enhance all sorts of (overall) properties of images before they are exported, making pixel editing redundant.

Oct  30 2018 15:03 - Two presidents in a row coincidently. Both not quite at peace with all sorts of induced mainstream perception. In case of potus it must be really difficult to take all the conjured liberal shit and dodging their assassination attacks, while silently working on removal of the deep state criminals. By this date the sealed indictments may start to be opened and the prosecution of the traitors can begin, followed by the hunting down of their corrupt peers all over the globe. Shoot all the fucking deep state bastards and burn their corpses.

Oct  10 2018 13:44 - This portrait of No Surrender MC founder and captain Henk Kuipers is the first digital hybrid that I made - the face was made in pixels (started in Corel PhotoPain(t), finished in Affinity Photo and Designer) and the tattoos were drawn in vectors. The original size is 55 x 55 cm. When printed digitally and furnished with the proper coating, it will look magnificent. Click the image to see the portrait progress sequence.

Sep 04 2018 13:00 - Affinity Publisher Beta has been issued by Serif. The war against InDesign has begun. Publisher is still in its early infancy, but already shows promising features. The UI - like that of all Serif's programs - is more intuitive than anything else on the market and the set of functions with which this first beta of Publisher was sent off into the DTP arena is kind of a warning shot across the bow of programs of the competition. They may laugh at Publisher's current functionality, but I'm convinced that will end soon. A future shot won't be across the bow, but one that will make the enemy vessels sink.

July 25 2018 11:27“Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art.” – Andy Warhol

“Drawing is the honesty of art. There is no possibility of cheating. It is either good or bad.” – Salvador Dali
“Creative without strategy is called art. Creative with strategy is called advertising.” – Jef I. Richards

Whichever quote seems appropriate to you, whatever fits in your comfort zone or appears to be true to you. Being in denial towards what you've been told probably isn't a bad thing. Just because quintillion flies eat shit, it doesn't mean you have to. Standards are set by people that aren't necessarily smart and / or correct even if the status granted to them by society reeks of officially approved bla bla. It's all a heap of crap most of the time. The type of crap all those mindless flies feast on all the time.

July 11 2018 15:15 - Doctor Topping, during an Ayahuascatrip was visited by jaguars that sniffed at him, seemed to think, went away and returned to do the same several times. He was terminally ill; all his peers told him he would die within weeks. But the jaguars cured him and he lived for 11 years after the trip. This may be a metaphor in reference to what a black ops scientist once said: 'There isn't just the consciousness field, but also an omnipresent information field from which we tap information that we use to build consciousness.' These weren't his exact words, but it's what he intended to say. Information + consciousness = origin + destiny.

July 4 2018 19:00 - Celtic motives have always intrigued me for some reason. It probably is the effect on the subconscious mind of symbols. I quickly doodled one in Affinity Designer to see if a reasonable effect could be accomplished in a vector drawing program without ending up with an image that is too flat. I hate flat design; it just reflects a lack of skill, dedication and attention in my opinion, regardless if it is promoted (shoved down ignorant people's throats) to be trendy and therefore a 'must' to follow (for unwitting people with misfiring brains).

July 02 2018 10:07 - The icon you see here reflects Mortal Ignorance. Most people would not consider ignorance to be a fatal condition, but as often is the case, the term quite accurately describes the nature of what it seems to suggest, while at the same time, commonly being understood differently. The rather widespread inability to fit such perception into ones perception is the lack of it. Ignorance is a deadly disorder because it prevents adding unpleasant, yet affecting matters to the scope of awareness, which all too often is reduced to a delusional comfort zone that is life threatening without the endangered noticing it, as a result of ignoring important aspects (hence the word ignorance) that affect life, whether one likes them or not.  Ignoring things however, doesn't make them go away. It is a mortal perception that unfortunately is horrendously common.

June 27 2018 12:00 - The reason you don't see my wonderful collection of brainfarts here, is because my previous site got lost due to trouble with Mobirise. It's a nice little program until you do things that are minutely slightly off-standard. Then you risk being f****d (pardon my French). What exactly happened you can read here. This type of info is nowhere in the Mobirise forums (duh!) or anywhere else on the web for that matter. If you don't like building and rebuilding your site too often, you may want to take a peek at what I wrote.

Check out my vector and pixel art on this site and do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions or require top quality work.


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