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Vector portraits & paintings
Below you see the vector portraits I have so far created in Affinity Designer. They contain ZERO pixels, are ALL vector and therefore re-scalable to any size without loss of quality. The number of print shops that are capable of making high quality giclee prints is increasing rapidly and therefore the printing of vector portraits is becoming more affordable and as a result of that more popular. I am convinced that the future of digital art is vectorized. And as Serif improves Affinity Designer's bag of tricks, things will only get better. The program has not been around as long as its competition, but already now has a head start in terms of features that are tailor-made to create realistic, figurative art.

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Vector painting
My first vector painting created in Affinity Designer. It is called 'Crossing Death's Frontier'. At this point I think it may be completed (June 10 2018). Again the painting contains ZERO pixels, ALL vector, making it scalable (and printable) to any size without loss of quality. Several sub-drawings were made that I placed in the main vector painting. I used a number of tricks to accomplish certain effects of which I am quite sure they haven't been figured out yet by other artists, judging by the vector paintings I encountered on the Internet. Visit my portfolio blog to see the extensive progress sequence. I may one time reveal these tricks in a tutorial once I have figured out the video capturing app.

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Vladimir Putin
My third vector portrait of Putin was difficult to make, because he has rather few pronounced facial features, and has many subtle traits. Click on the image to go to the related post in my portfolio blog, where the various stages of the portrait are shown. His elusive facial characteristics (from an artist's point of view) forced me to draw thousands of vector shapes and custom made vector brush strokes, each of which was tuned to its specific needs. The production time of this portrait is approximately three weeks.

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Marlon Brando
My second vector portrait. His cool facial features were less difficult to draw than the ones in the portrait of Vladimir Putin. Click on the image to go to the related post in my portfolio blog, where the various stages of the portrait are shown. I watched a documentary on Brando on Netflix and tried to capture the essence of his complex personality. Empathising with people in the portraits I find imperative to achieve good results.

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Abraham Lincoln
My first vector portrait, created in Affinity Designer like all the other vector portraits. His image was relatively easy to draw compared to the portraits above, because Licoln had very distinctive, pronounced facial traits. They are a reflection of his unique and strange personality that traveled a remarkable path through space and time on this earth. Click on the image to go to the related post in my portfolio blog, where the various stages of the portrait are shown. The almost hypnotic gaze in his eyes made me want to draw his portrait. This one and that of Brando I started in grey tones over which I placed a tuned colouring layer. The portrait of Vladimir Putin was created in full colour from the start.

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I started to create vector woodcut style portraits recently. It is a technique that I'm still exploring. They can be made in black & white, sepia and in full colour. The tricky part is the adjustment of the interference between the various layers. Slight alterations can result in big and sometimes unpredictable changes. In addition many other properties can be changed, all of which have the ability to change the appearance more or less drastically. Like all portraits above, this type of artwork can be re-scaled to any size without loss of quality, because it was drawn in vectors. The digital woodcut technique gives an authentic atmosphere to the portraits, because it mimics the old trade of making reproducible images.


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