The welcoming department

Vector Art

Click the image to find my 100% vector art, drawn from scratch. Portraits, illustrations and paintings, logos, business cards, cartoons and technical art for educational purposes. Properly drawn vector art can be re-scaled to any size without loss of quality.

Jaguar hunting in the Amazon river - 100% vector drawing, created in Affinity Designer

Pixel Art

Click the image to find my pixel based art. Portraits and paintings. Creating pixel art is the digital technique that resembles analog painting the closest, in terms of required manual dexterity and the artist's outlook on the artwork.

Peace pipes & Winchesters - pixel painting, created in Affinity Photo

Desktop Publishing

Affinity Publisher can do almost anything for print that InDesign can do in less time, with less effort, for a much lower one time fee. I use this program to create modern and eye catching documents of all sorts, which include well structured, illustrated and effective educational material and occasionally things very different.

Educational books - created with Affinity Designer, Rhinoceros 3D and Affinity Publisher

Web design

This image shows a website built in Web 3.0 style that allows free positioning of objects, unrestricted by the page grid and stacking order, which makes it possible for designers to create next level sites. The program used to build this page, is called  Nicepage . It shows the landing page for Earth & Flight Composites' Wordpress online training website.

Landing Page for the Earth & Flight Composites website

Logo Design

A well designed logo must be eye catching and settle easy in the mind so that it can swiftly retrieved from memory along with accompanying information when seeing it again at a later point in linear / cyclical time.

100% vector logo, created in Affinity Designer


Cartoons may have mild or extreme distortion of the subject's face while keeping the likeness in order to enhance / exaggerate the subject's unique facial traits. If this criterium is not met the cartoon is useless. In this image Elvis and Kill Bill Clinton are in the top row and Mr. Bean and former president of the Russian federation Jeltsin is shown in the bottom row,

100% vector cartoons, created in Affinity Designer


Complex  vector illustrations I make in Affinity Designer, simply because there is nothing that can't be done in vector drawing programs that can be done in bitmap editors. The added benefit of vector art being unlimited scalability, while preserving quality and crispness.

View to a kill​ - 100% vector drawing, created in Affinity Designer

Business Cards

In a stack of business cards a well designed card must stand out and be picked first before the rest. I draw these in 2D and 3D vectors so the design can easily be changed later should this later be a client's wish.

Multi-layer business card, created in Rhinoceros 3D version 5

Technical Art

I have drawn many thousands of technical drawings for educational purposes from scratch, both in 2D and 3D or a combination of them, mostly for the advanced composites field of the aviation and space industry. I always place myself in the position of the student to create images that make sense to one in the process of learning.

Vacuum ports & gauges - advanced composites - Rhinoceros 3D educational 3D rendering

Creative Text

A profound understanding of language - neurolinguistic programming, syntax, message structure, alliteration and etymology - is the most efficient way to influence an audience in a concealed way. Language, even when seeming to be unassuming, can hide aspects that affect the addressed's subconscious, without them being aware of it. This is a conjuration well known in circles of advertisers and intelligence agencies. I mainly use languistic effects in poetry.

Skinny dipping at night, created in Affinity Designer

Analog Airbrush Art

Since the early 1980's of the previous century I have been using analog airbrush to create art, among which is the difficult to tune and handle, but legendary accurate Paasche Turbo (now unfortunately out of production) that I used to create this portrait of the stunningly beautiful Marilyn Monroe.

Mrs. Monroe - analog freehand airbrush

Acrylic Painting

Brush and paint have been the tools for many artists throughout the centuries and they still are today. Every now and then I pick up the hairy brush to swipe some paint on real canvas. I have never felt constrained to just one particular technique, style or trend to create art.

Mr. Hendrix - Acrylic painting

Pencil Drawing

If there is no electricity available to power the tools for certain types of art creation, (colour) pencils still work. My venture into the world of art creation started using charcoal, then moved to colour pencils, airbrush and finally the computer to create digital art. So far.

Mr. Waters - colour pencil drawing