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A number of affecting events have occurred in my life, as a result of which the way I perceive things have changed rather drastically. In different ways, which is why I wrote several different blogs that reflect the trivial episodes I experience as well as the more profound ones. Below you find links to them, accompanied with a brief description.

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CommuniCats blog

Portfolio blog containing my analog and digital artwork

In this blog the progress sequence of many of my artworks is placed, usually from scratch to completed project. I began posting entries related to my analog airbrush period and the tools I used or made.  A few years I started to post my digital artwork, mainly vector portraits and paintings, also from scratch to completed project. Occasionally I share my experience with certain software programs of hardware.


View to a kill blog

View to a kill blog

Blog containing my thoughts on life behind the veil

In this blog I share my thoughts about the dimensions behind the veil of the illusion in which this world is confined. I merely offer suggestions by sharing my views that are continuously evolving. Some would call it a spiritual blog, but I prefer to call it a realistic blog that has spiritual aspects. I strive to present solutions to make life better on a level that goes deeper than common perception. Since this is a complex matter, it forced me to write several blog entries that serve to build an awareness from where I gradually move to what I perceive to be solutions, that allow readers to live differently step by step.


Realm of Rite blog

Realm of Rite blog

Blog entries containing my poetry in English and Dutch

In this blog I share the results of my poetic episodes in both English and Dutch (my native language). The entries reflect the mood in which I found myself while writing, often in the middle of the night. I prefer to use rhythm and rhyme, because cadenced language has a tendency to settle in the mind with ease. Even if it is the mind's subconscious department. Also etymology appeals to the subconscious, which is why I use it whenever it is possible and appropriate in poetic form.


Isocult Opinion Blog

Isocult Opinion Blog

Blog entries containing my opinion on various events and thoughts

In this blog I share my opinions on all sorts of things. It is called Isocult blog, because years ago I had a company called Isocult, which is a word play on Indoor Soilless Cultivation. In those days I tried to develop systems for aeroponic growing, but the taxes killed me. Later I changed the blog to an opinion blog while keeping the same name. The topics I write about may seem uncommon to some, but common thought and action have been unable to prevent the dire situation that the world of today is in. I don't pretend that my way of thinking is the solution, but at least they're not ways that have proved to fail.



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