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Pixel images are bound to the resolution at which they were created for best results. Re-scaling them will cause the image to become blurry, have jagged edges and colour shifts, especially when they are increased in size.  If re-scaling is not necessary, pixel pushing is the fastest way to create a realistic image. Affinity Photo has brilliantly customizable brushes and filter effects that speed up progress. Like its vector drawing sibling Affinity Designer it is 100% parametric and has an infinite number of Undo functions and a History panel that allows accurate editing of images. It has the potential to dethrone Adobe Photoshop in the near future where it concerns functionality and most certainly where it concerns purchasing price - 50 USD gives you license ownership and 3 free upgrades compared to Adobe's horrendously costly subscription policy. For that price it is an absolutely superb program.

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Pixel painting of Al Pacino; the first hyper realistic painting I made. Started in Corel PhotoPain(t) until it began crashing and then continued in Affinity Photo. The latter's options to customize brushes is magnificent. It causes texturing to be a lot less time consuming while bearing on to produce very realistic results. I probably should have made the background transparent, but since this was my first realistic portrait, I forgot to do that. I may correct this in a different way using Affinity Photo's Selection Brush and Refine option if I have the time.

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Pixel portrait of Willie Nelson. I was looking for a well known face that had challenging facial traits to paint. No wonder I ended up with this bloke. He earned a fifth degree black belt in a Korean martial art at the age of 81..... So, it's not just his face that is interesting.

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Pixel portrait of Steven Brown, a man who just cannot stand injustice and fights against it every second of his life. Often portrayed as an (ex) criminal in the corrupt Dutch lamestream media, but without a wrap sheet in reality. Posts his well founded opinion in his blog often that you find here.

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Pixel portrait of Mark Twain, the man who wrote many well know novels and The Mysterious Stranger that is kind of atypical for his oeuvre. Started to create this portrait in GIMP and completed it in Affinity Photo. The dissimilarity of these programs caused this work to be somewhat atypical for my oeuvre (probably visible only to those that have the gift of discerning observation).

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Pixel painting of 'Proud men' an analogue painting by Howard Terpning. I used a Huion graphic tablet for this one, but gradually reverted to using the mouse for my digital artwork. It is slower, but allows more precision.

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Pixel portrait of No Surrender MC founder and president Henk Kuipers, who currently is illegally incarcerated by the corrupt Dutch legal system on order of criminal politicians without a provable legal reason to justify his detention. Kuipers therefore is a political prisoner. The Netherlands is one of the last 3 remaining European nations that remains under total Khazarian cabal control. 

This portrait is a combination of pixels and vectors. The tattoos were drawn in vectors, the underlying portrait was made in pixels. The original size of this work is 55 x 55 cm. When digitally printed and coated in the proper way, this artwork will look superb.

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Comanche chief Quanah 'The Eagle' Parker. Originally this was an airbrush painting on T-shirt. I later enhanced it digitally with Affinity Photo because it contained errors due to the analog projecting of the source image that was of poor quality. When using a projector the source image is heated by the projector lamp, which causes deformation (the printed image expands). This was an other reason to switch to digital art creation. By the way: you won't find an image this detailed elsewhere on the web, the details were added using various custom made brushes.

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Kills First - Lakota Sioux warrior. This is my first digital pixel portrait. Started this in Corel PhotoPain(t) until it crashed. Continued to work on it in Affinity Photo. Reference photo taken by Gertrude Kasebier was in B&W.

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Kiowa warrior. This is an other digital pixel portrait that was partly drawn with the Huion graphic tablet and partly with the mouse. This painting was inspired by one of the  works of the great Howard Terpning.

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'Peace pipes & Winchesters' pixel painting created in Corel PhotoPaint until it crashed and then continued in Affinity Photo. Inspired by Howard Terpning's 'Telling of legends'. The dimensions of this painting are width x height = 150 x 72 centimeters, painted in 300 dpi. Click here to see the most part of the painting's progress sequence. It isn't completed yet.

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'Tribe gathering' pixel painting created in Corel PhotoPaint until it crashed and then continued in Affinity Photo. Inspired by yet an other Howard Terpning painting, although I used only part of it as a reference. The dimensions of this painting are width x height = 100 x 76 centimeters, painted in 300 dpi. Click here to see the painting's progress sequence.

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