The vector department

All my vector artwork is built with 100% vectors. Using vectors only allows to re-scale images to any size without loss of quality. All vector artwork was created from scratch. Update sequences and additional information on them can be seen in my portfolio blog. Click the images and links (in red type)  below to see their stages of creation. There is nothing that can't be done in vectors that can be done in pixels. You will notice that a number of works still need to be completed (for various reasons), but that is how I work. So please stay tuned to see the end result. Enjoy your visit and spread the word!

crossing death's frontier

Crossing Death's Frontier vector painting

This vector painting does not contain a single pixel.


In medieval times it was a custom in some places (what today are Germany and Austria in particular) to dress the skeletons of the deceased in their armour or balm their corpses and adorn them with jewlery and / or other artifacts. The reference of this vector painting was the conservated stature of Saint Pancras. I used dramatic lighting and deeply saturated colours to create a powerful visual impact. This image was created entirely in Affinity Designer and contains not a single pixel. I intend to have this file digitally printed on aluminium and lacquered in the future in its original size. The measurements of the original drawing are 156 x 126 cm, but the image can be resized infinitely to be smaller or bigger without losing quality (which is a characteristic of vector drawings). Creating this vector painting took me about 2 months, working on it on and off.

Click image to see uncropped vector painting

View to a kill vector painting

This vector painting does not contain a single pixel.


This image is a crop of the actual vector painting, created in Affinity Designer. At this point (January 26 2021) it still is a work in progress. The image shows the graphic version. I am considering making a (near) realistic painting as well in which texture of the jaguar's fur and caiman's scales etc. may be added. Visit my portfolio blog to see the uncropped drawing, find more information on the creation of this drawing and its progress sequence.

monique klemann

Vector portrait of a beautiful woman

This vector portrait does not contain a single pixel.


This is Monique Klemann who used to sing in the Dutch group Lois Lane with her sister Suzanne. MK has intriguing mystical and stylish looks, which prompted me to create this portrait. The late great Prince invited her to perform in the supporting act of his show. As always he had a keen eye for female beauty and talent. Besides being an excellent singer, MK has incredible natural sexy moves on stage, which is sure to please attending crowds. The combination of mesmerizing appearance and artistic skills could have propelled her much higher on the international artists ladder than is the case, but she preferred to walk her own path through life as an artist. This take it or leave it attitude suits her personality and complexion well.


Vladimir Putin vector portrait

This vector portrait does not contain a single pixel.


The president of Russia has lead his country out of the dire situation after Gorbachev's glasnost and Jeltsin's vodka infused presedency. Putin has also reacted to the US deep state imperialism with intelligent moves and significantly improved the living standard for Russian citizens. Although on the elevated political stage those who seem to be arch enemies are loyal to the same factions behind the scene, VP has kept the US and Russian superpowers in balance.

Click this image to see the update sequence

Mike Ehrmantraut vector portrait

This vector portrait does not contain a single pixel.


Jonathan Banks does some impressive acting in 'Breaking Bad' and 'Better call Saul'. The characters he plays rely on his appearance, but also on his talent to transform his personality in to the demands of the script, which is adding something extra to what the writers had in mind. Obviously his facial traits would not work well in a role as a kindergarten teacher, but for the character roles as in the plays I mentioned above directors and producers couldn't have casted a better actor. This vector portrait was created in Affinity Designer and it still is a work in progress (as of May 10 2020) that needs work. Updates will of course be posted here as well as in my portfolio blog.

Work in progress. Click to see a larger version of the image

David Bohm vector portrait (work in progress)

This vector painting does not contain a single pixel.


In this vector portrait of David Bohm I used various drawing techniques to achieve the proper appearence - 'painting' with custom vector brushes, drawing shapes and strokes and the Huion graphic tablet to draw the hairs. This is a work in progress (as of July 17 2020). Click the image to see a larger version of it and click here to see the update sequence in my portfolio blog, read more information on how the drawing was made and information about the life and work of the intelligent and emphatic David Bohm.

The drawing contains over a 1000 vector curves and brushes, so it is a rather complex and large file with which Affinity Designer has been struggling somewhat. But after an update of the Beta version the program behaved better and allowed me to continue to work on it. I will leave this portrait for what is is now and wait until a more stable version is released, once again realizing that at this point it only is a Beta version (version in July 2020).

renault alpine a110

Renault Alpine A110 vector illustration

This vector drawing does not contain a single pixel.


At this time (April 17 2020) this A110 drawing still is a work in progress, but the contours of this beautiful car are already becoming clear. It is my all time favorite vehicle, designed by the brilliant Giovanni Michelotti who drew many eye-caressing cars.

crystal reed

Crystal Reed vector portrait

This vector portrait does not contain a single pixel.


CR played the role of the ruthless Sofia Falcone in the movie Gotham. Her facial traits and mimicking skills allowed her to play that role in a convincing way. Main objective of this work was to create hair with custom vector brushes to save time while remaining realistic. Affinity Designer allows strokes and brushes to be given a fully customizable width, gradient colour and opacity which is exactly what is needed to create realistic hair textures.

emma hardinge britten

Vector portrait of Emma Hardinge Britten

This vector portrait does not contain a single pixel.


American EHB was a psychic in the English Modern Spiritualist Movement. She was consulted by high ranking politicians and business people, because she could provide valuable advice concerning policies, strategies and future events. She was a founding member of the Theosophical Society in New York in 1875.

Matters having to do with psychic abilities and spirituality usually are made ridiculous to common people by those that avidly make use of them themselves behind the veil. Those who are unable to fit this revelation into the awareness of their comfort zone, they will continue to be fudged by the occult leadership of this world, that rolls on the floor laughing over the ignorance of conditioned minds.

abraham lincoln

Abraham Lincoln vector portrait

This vector portrait does not contain a single pixel. It is the first vector portrait that I created.


A successful wrestler (won 300 fights, lost only 1), self-taught lawyer, legislator and vocal opponent of slavery, was elected 16th president of the United States in November 1860, shortly before the outbreak of the Civil War. Lincoln proved to be a shrewd military strategist and a savvy leader: His Emancipation Proclamation paved the way for the abolition of slavery.

On April 14, 1865 the actor and Confederate sympathizer John Wilkes Booth slipped into the president’s box at Ford’s Theater in Washington, D.C., and shot him point-blank in the back of the head. Lincoln was carried to a boardinghouse across the street from the theater, but never regained consciousness, and passed away in the early morning hours of April 15 1865.

marlon brando

Marlon Brando vector portrait

This vector portrait does not contain a single pixel. It is my second vector portrait.


On March 27, 1973, the actor MB declined the Academy Award for Best Actor for his career-reviving performance in The Godfather. The Native American actress Sacheen Littlefeather attended the ceremony in Brando’s place, stating that the actor 'very regretfully' could not accept the award, because he was protesting Hollywood’s rather biased portrayal of Native American people in movies.

range rover evoque

Range Rover Evoque vector illustration

This vector drawing does not contain a single pixel.


The Evoque is a fine example of superb modern minimalist and refined car design. Land Rover design chief Gerry McGovern was responsible for the design of this most elegant vehicle and not Victoria Beckham as is unjustly rumoured by some media.

Vin Diesel vector portrait

This vector portrait does not contain a single pixel.


This is a graphical vector portrait, created in Affinity Designer, that may be used in a T-shirt design. Therefore it does not contain as many details as a realistic portrait, like skin texture (pores and wrinkles). I may add these details in the future to turn this work into a realistic vector portrait. Visit my portfolio blog to see the progress sequence and read more information - click the image to go there.

Clint Eastwood - click to see the progress sequence

Graphic vector painting of Clint Eastwood

This vector portrait does not contain a single pixel.


Clinton 'Clint' Eastwood is an American actor who gained fame through his role in the television series Raw hide and spaghetti westerns A fist full of dollars, For a few dollars more, The good, the bad and the ugly and Once upon a time in the west. After that he acted in 5 episodes of Dirty Harry. He also directed a number of movies like Every Which Way But Loose, Any Which Way You Can and Bronco Billy. From 1986 to 1988 he was mayor of the city Carmel by the Sea in California (for a monthly fee of 200 USD....), where he governed like tough cop Dirty Harry in real life. This vector image was created entirely in Affinity Designer. Click the image to see the progress sequence and additional information in my portfolio blog.

SalvadorDali - click to see progress sequence

Salvador Dali graphic vector portrait

This vector portrait does not contain a single pixel.


Spanish surrealist painter that was well known for his excentric looks and behaviour. His full name was: Salvador Domingo Felipe Jacinto Dalí i Domènech, marquess de Dalí de Pubol, which indicates that he had a nobility background. In 1940 he fled to the United States to avoid the grab for power of the  fascist regimes and returned to Spain in 1955. This vector image was created entirely in Affinity Designer. Click the image to see the progress sequence and additional information in my portfolio blog.

Click this image to see progress sequence in my portfolio blog

Graphic vector portrait of Robin Williams

This vector portrait does not contain a single pixel.


Vector portrait of Robin Williams created in Affinity Designer. 100% vector, zero pixels. The portrait is used in a T-shirt design that is available in my webshop in Redbubble.  Click the image to see the progress sequence and more information about the portrait in my portfolio blog.

2 x elvis presley

Two Elvisses

These (merged) vector portraits do not contain a single pixel.


EP is an American rock & roll legend. It is commonly believed that Elvis has left the building, but some stubbornly deny it anyway. Other sources claim that he wasn't too friendly towards his partners some of whom were a lot younger than he was, which is strange since he could have had almost any woman he wanted to have.

Rumors set aside, EP certainly has had a big influence on the development of popular contemporary music. This particular drawing was intentionally drawn in a graphic style, which means not too many details were added, while the essence of the face was preserved. The program I used was of course Affinity Designer.

Nostalgic Grails

Nostalgic Grails vector logo

This vector drawing does not contain a single pixel.


NG sells vintage apparel, footwear, accessoiries and collectibles.
Nostalgic Grails salespoints at:
Vinted as Hunting4Grails
Instagram as Nostalgic Grails
Youtube as Hunting 4 Grails

Click image to see a larger version of it

Designer vector graphic

This vector drawing does not contain a single pixel.


The lion fish is invading the US east coast in large numbers and is said to be a treat to the coral reefs. So large numbers of fishermen and hobbyist killers sail out to decimate the lion fish population. It is the human solution to most problems; if it threatens to run out of control, simply whack it. I on the other hand feel sorry for this beautiful beast to fall victim to mankind's lack of wit and profuse lust to kill. If higher beings from elsewhere in spacetime would ruthlessly reduce the number of humans because they think there are too many of us, we would be kicking and screaming like pigs driven to the slaughterhouse, but when we're the ones holding the axe - or in this case the harpoon - we kill as easy as we breathe.

business card

Vector business card

This vector drawing does not contain a single pixel.


This card was an entry for a design competition. I intended it to be a multi layer card with cut outs in the top layer.

My T-shirt designs on Redbubble

Vector T-shirt design

This vector design does not contain a single pixel.


I am currently in the process of searching for a T-shirt printer that does not reject one design and allows an other, while they both contain the same subject matter. As soon as I have found one, I will submit my designs and place the link to that site in this place.

This design - featuring the Crest of Amsterdam - is entirely made in vector in Affinity Designer. The image contains zero pixels and can be re-scaled to any size without loss of quality. Click the image to visit my webshop in Redbubble or this link.

jet engine

CFM56-3 educational vector poster

This vector drawing does not contain a single pixel.


The CFM56-3 is one of the most successful jet engines in civil aviation. This image was drawn for KLM's Technical Training Department to prove that creating tech art in CorelDRAW requires less time and is visually more appealing than in AutoCad. It took CorelDRAW one third of the time to draw this image that AutoCad needed, which version at the time (1995) was black and white. The experiment was rewarded and KLM bought CorelDRAW licenses. Note: the falcon logo in the top right corner was created in 3D.

watch an other piece of my 3D art

Watch created in 3D

This vector image was created in Rhinoceros 3D.


Occasionally I create 3D files for my portfolio like this watch. I also use 3D programs to get parts of 2D drawings in the proper perspective, which can be quite a frustrating chore in 2D. This includes the creation of the shape, shadows and reflections. I expect that in a not too distant future the development of AI-assistence in 3D apps will tip the scale towards an increased use of 3D apps where visual design is concerned, the parametric type of programs in particular. These could be used for the creation of both geometric and organic objects.

Click to read my blog about this self portrait

Vector self portrait

This vector drawing is a work in progress (as of May 22 2020).


Many artists in the history of human art have created self portraits, so I figured I could not not draw one. Click the image to read about it in my VectorWhiz blog and click on this link to see the sequence of progress in my portfolio blog. As progress is made the image will change along with the changes made to the drawing. Oh and as usual this image was created in the brilliant Affinity Designer. To see a properly sized version of this image, click here. And please bear in mind that this vector drawing has not been completed yet, although I already do recognize myself in this portrait for which I used an old photograph shot at X-mas eve 2014 as a reference. Since then I've grown too old and ugly to serve as a proper model.

Click to see a better quality of this image (without the banding)

Free work / experiments

This vector drawing does not contain a single pixel.


Quite often, when fiddling with the functions of Affinity Designer without having a clear idea of where to go, sometimes something nice pops out. In the case of this vector drawing I originally intended to place the tiger in an other drawing, but while drawing it I felt it would not be a good combination and decided I would make a separate piece of the big cat. Currently (September 28 2020) the drawing is not completed yet; I intend to draw a detailed textured fur, creating the hairs with my Huion tablet. Please visit my portfolio blog to see the update sequence of this work. At this stage the average colours of the different areas are drawn. When adding the fur texture, first the dark hairs are drawn and next the light hairs on top of those. Click the image to see a larger version of better quality. I drew the image at a size over 7 times bigger than you see when clicking this one. In addition it is a 100% vector.

I deviated from the reference image to give the tiger a captivating, daunting expression. I rarely draw images exactly like the reference image and most of the time create my own interpretation of it while preserving the likeness. I believe that bringing forward key aspects of the portrayed human or animal is what makes an image powerful and appealing. The same goes for inanimate objects although to a lesser extent. The major challenge was to draw the blended accents in certain areas, which is what Affinity Designer allows artists to do. The still to be drawn fur texture will make this image hyper realistic.


Mundane T-shirt design

This vector drawing does not contain a single pixel.


In print-on-demand T-shirt websites one has to imagine what potential clients would like to buy. French designers have come up with stunning designs more often, but this one takes the cake. The car was produced from 1955 to 1975 and its design was way ahead of its time. Aerodynamically better than most of today's cars, it would originally be equipped with a 2 litre engine, but cost reduction requirements forced Citroen to fit a 1.6 litre engine. In addition its vanguard hydro pneumatic suspension made for ultra smooth rides and adjustable car height, while these cars had head lights that turned in the direction of steering. Packed with properly working novelties and a futuristic design it caused people to be in awe for two decades. No manufacturers have since managed to produce such a ground breaking car and sell it for so long a period of time.


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