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Recently I found a program that allows me to draw realistic vector portraits - Affinity Designer (hence the pen-tool logo). They contain ZERO pixels, ALL vector. The one of Vladimir Putin you see above, is entirely built of vectors. It currently is a work in progress. Before that, I created portraits in pixel format. Vector portraits can be re-scaled to any size without losing quality, where as pixel images become blurry and jagged when they are enlarged. I will make most portraits and paintings in vector format in future. In Affinity Designer, that has distinct functions that are absent in Adobe Illustrator and CorelDRAW. On this site however, you will find both vector and older pixel portraits to show that I am capable of making high quality portraits from scratch with great likeness. Basically what I used to do in bitmap editors, I can now do in Affinity's vector program.

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The pixel painting department has not been dismissed entirely yet. Pixel portraits and paintings require less time to make, but they are restricted to one size. I create them using Affinity Photo that is equipped with fully customisable dynamic brushes that upto this point are more versatile than the ones present in Affinity Designer. The latter however, allows re-scaling without losing quality, which is the big advantage of vectors over pixels. But if only one size is needed, the photo editor may be the program of choice.

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Some projects make it necessary to break away from the two dimensional presentation of things. Visual work in three dimensions requires different skills. I am not an expert in this trade, but I get things done, especially in the technical / educational field. Visit the Tech Art in my portfolio blog to see some of the 3D work I have done. The programs I mostly use to create 3D scenes, often in combination with each other, are Rhinoceros and Cinema 4D.

Putin restarts factory that owners closed

A word about Putin. Since he came to power, he raised the wages of Russian workers between 300 and 400%, increased minimum wages several times and did it again on May 1 2018 with 43% ( ! ! ! ). He caused inflation to drop from 12 to 2% and cut the unemployment rate in half. He demonstrably did significantly more for the Russian people than western leaders did for theirs. Putin was able to drastically improve Russian living standards after kicking out the Rothschild Central Bank, which allowed Russia to take control over its own currency - a truly courageous step. He also is one of the leaders in the BRICS Alliance that will at some point dominate the world's financial and economic markets. It reflects his extraordinary visionary powers and organizational skills. Western mainstream press is biased towards him and Russia. Do your own research outside of mainstream channels that perpetually bring you fake news on order of their unseen masters who made this world the violent, poverty stricken and polluted place it is today.


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