'Farting in the storm' introduction

Most people are glued to their TV-set to gulp mainstream bunk, because it does not require them to part with the comfort of their arm chair to neck its fudged rubble, that they over time came to believe is true, even if the history of mainstream reporting is riddled with lies, omission and misinformation. Finding reliable and useful alternative channels is more of a challenge, which also is a deliberately imposed situation. Having two properly functioning brain cells suffices to grasp why things are arranged in such a conspicuous way. Mainstream media is controlled by a heap of evil powers in hiding, so that the perception of its audience can never evolve far enough to detect the nefarious agenda of the powers that be. In addition the interest of one group of people is favoured over that of another to provoke them to fight each other and while busy bonking skulls, they do not have the time to suss out that they are being duped. This divide and conquer tactic of the plonkers at the helm has been successful for centuries. And any supply of information that does not comply with the rulers' standard, is censored and deleted, so that all that is left to take in is a colossally distorted percept of 'reality'.

What the occult cabal tries to hide from commoners is aimed at preventing people from discovering how powerful their spiritual faculties are, the extent of which is very hard to imagine. Those in power have known this for a very long time and try to keep this secret of all secrets out of the hands of their victims at all cost. It is why they persistently feed the uninitiated shedloads of false information. Whoever comes too close to the enigma is intimidated, cut off from vital resources, jailed and tortured into obedience or killed. This is how leadership went about its wicked business for eons. Oppression, deceit, exploitation, abuse and murder are default tasks in their job description, while their propaganda machine presents them as revered pillars of society.

It stands to reason that their ruthless foray invokes resistance, that at some point will meet vehement opposition. Since the dissidents have incomparably fewer resources to carry off their oppressors, the means with which they combat, will necessarily have to be of an entirely different nature. Entering the battle for justice uninformed, is the surest way to end up at the wrong side of the grass really fast. Being in possession of the proper information is imperative to walk out of a battle unharmed and victorious, dragging the severed heads of the abusers over the blood soaked soil of the steaming battlefield. This blog aims to offer information that may help visitors find ways that will help them avoid being killed by the scythe that the genocidal maniacs in this hijacked universe wield, while dealing fatal blows themselves, before enjoying post-war peace, sipping a double single malt, smoking a phat Havana cigar and munching a copious wad of Iranian caviar. To arrive at that soothing state, it is absolutely paramount to develop the orbit of the mind and spirit. Here is a as good a place as any to start doing it.

Due to the imposed restrictions and censorship, offering a deviant type of information is like farting in a storm and as compliant numpties like to say: it is presenting a subjective view, based on false premise. Given the disturbing record of mainstream reporting, alternative sources in some respects are similar to the approved ones. In the end the general public decides which type of information best benefits the nuance of their perception.

The nature of separation and separation of nature

First blog entry - June 9 2022

As I hinted at in the Home page of this website, existence in this universe is fragmented and separated. We are not ants, elephants, planets, stars or galaxies, but we are separate entities that exist apart from everything else as a division of a whole that is fragmented into parts of numerous sizes, posessing an endless number of different qualities. Besides entities, space obviously is also separated. You can be in one place or an other, they have different coordinates in 3D space and you can only be in either one of them at a specific time. Time too is ​broken up in separate fragments. We live in the ​infinitesimally small instant of the now in which we can remember or forget events that have occurred in the past, that we are  unable to change, while we are heading for a future that we are unable to predict. These precepts have been hammered in to our minds for eons on end, until it became engrained in life's DNA, because the process of thought affects life's genetic structure, as US, Spanish and French scientists explain. It is why fragmentation and separation of spacetime is necessary for those that hijacked and took control of this universe. Separate events in spacetime are relatively easy to control for the ruling, evil forces, while in a dimension that has no space and time, neither one of them is under their control, because everything simply exists all indefinitely and everywhere and is instantly accessible to all life and not just to the villainous keepers of the secret, as is possible in this dimension in which secrets can be kept from separate, uninformed, misinformed and uninitiated entities. Like the assassinated former US president John Fitzgerald Kennedy said in his last public speech: 'The very word secrecy is repugnant in a free and open society' .

John Fitzgerald Kennedy

As unappeasable as time may seem, the human mind is nevertheless capable of influencing time. Russian scientist Kozyrev conducted several rather basic experiments that show such is the case. Even more spectacular is the scarecely known work of Dr. David. Lewis Anderson who worked for NASA where he invented a device that was able to warp time, so that satellites could resume their designated orbit (from which they deviate over time), that without it, they would make them useless at some point. Anderson has disappeared some time ago and people that were close to him, believe he is continuing his work in India, Korea or Japan where elevated circles have great interest in the engineering of time. This type of work clearly is dangerous, in the sense that certain factions, that operate outside of the public eye, would love to have such a system at their disposal, particularly since warping time has the side effect of producing free energy, which even is theoretically possible in the current state of development of science, as proposed by Josiah Gibbs in as early as the 1870's in the context of thermodynamics.

The manipulating of time as mentioned in the previous paragraph, is done with devices or systems, that show that warping time is actually possible. Rumours even have it that Dr. Andersen once demonstrated a system he built to a group of scientists in which a seed was grown into a plant in full bloom in 2 minutes and 45 seconds and then back into a seed. There is of course no evidence of this demonstration, but his record of achievements when working at NASA do suggest that he would potentially be capable of creating such a miraculous device. Edwin Abbott wrote in his book 'Flatland' how 2 dimensional beings are unable to perceive and imagine 3D objects and events, which is congruous to current humans being unable to imagine that time can be engineered. What this implies, is that if we are unable to imagine certain things, it does not necessarily mean they can not exist. Dimensions appear to have boundaries that separate them from other ones, so here again is one of the limiting properties of separation, that began to occur when the 'Big Bang' was supposed to have spawned the universe.

Concerning space, the perception of science has also been changing lately. There is bilocation or multilocation - being in different places at the same time - which begs the question where actually is the presence of an observed entity; is it in location A or in B or elsewhere? This phenomenon, by the way, has already been mentioned in ancient scripts concerning mysticism. Also entanglement, that Mr. Einstein called spooky action at a distance, in which two objects behave exactly the same in distinguished places instantly at the same time. Why do they simultaneously display similar activity? These different locations could be centimeters apart or billions of lightyears. These two processes should urge dwellers of modern society to look at space and time in a way that is very different from what they were provoked to think.

The heart of the matter is: no matter how separated and fragmented everything seems to be in this universe, they are in some way connected. It is a lack of perceptual ability that makes these things difficult to imagine, making us like Abbott's 2D flatlanders that simply can not understand events that are not described in scientific text books.

Within time there is also the aspect of different timelines, that Bill Ryan once explained as follows: Imagine there is a city that you want to travel to. To go there you have the choice between two freeways that both lead to the metropolis. Freeway A offers unobstructed travel while on freeway B a big pile up took place, that you were unaware of before you took off. If you would have opted to drive on freeway A, you would have arrived at your destination within the estimated amount of time. Had you chosen freeway B, you would have arrived late, become injured in the accident or even killed. It means that each of the choices we make in life, creates different timelines, that enable us to live a different life, while most of the time we remain unaware of how consequences that other choices would have created, would have affected life.

It means that our choices in this dimension of space and time determine what will happen to us and consequently to others, while we are unable to foresee what outcomes our choices imply before the reality to which they lead unfolds. The process of the supposed gift of free will can both have wonderful and devastating results that we are incapable of anticipating. What will take place in the future within our concept of time is a mysterious thing. This is the ensue of the fragmentation and separation of time into sequential instants. It makes us resemble bats that navigate on the throttled gen of echoes that reflect from the cave walls within which they are confined. Inside a certain span of time they repeatedly make similar trips over and again inside of a limited space, which is determined by the walls of the cave. The bats have no clue of their situation, but higher forces do.

Those forces use geophysical, meteorological and vegetative propagation that in a natural pace and cataclysmic accelleration create environments in which life is contained. But outside physical facets, life is also ruled by spiritual powers that often remain hidden, but influence it nevertheless. For instance: Science is capable to create complex robots that are able to accomplish intricate tasks, but it remains unable to create a relatively simple (and annoying) autonomous being like a fly. Robots and flies not just differ on the level of complexity, but the former lack the spark of life, that quite obviously is unrelated to the scientific and technical artistry that made them.

Physical objects have a size, a purpose and a life span. Biological entities have all that plus a self organizing structure that is capable of much more, but is vulnerable to aging and disease, that determines their life span. But they came into existence due to the aforementioned spark of life. A physical body is the same a few seconds before it dies as it is a few seconds after it has died. But something obviously has occurred. Apparently the condition of its biological structure has gone past a certain boundary that caused the spark of life to pass after which the biological self organizing power no longer performs and the entity is dead. The same of course goes for when an entity is murdered, in which the passing of the spark of life is inflicted in a violent way. Instances of dying peacefully, by disease or by assault take place at certain coordinates in space at a particular time. The spark of life somehow slips into an entity to make living possible and it also seeps away out of it to terminate physical life. But the question is: where did it come from before life began and where did it go after life has ended?

What this means is that this spark of life itself probably never ceases to exist. It is not physical and not observable for the measuring devices human has developed, yet it seems to determine if a physical entity is alive or dead. People who went through a Near Death Experience, were braindead at some point (which is mesurable) and miraculously returned to life at a later point, in which vital life functions are restored. During the time of being dead many of those who have experienced an NDE, speak of having been in a boundlessly beautiful environment and having had feelings of a power and profundity that they never experienced while being alive before they officially died. It hints at the fact that there is a realm outside of spacetime that has unimaginably different features. This could well be the dimension from where the spark of life came before birth and to where it returned in the instant of dying. In fact this is most likely the case, because in that dimension it rejoined the deceased body and lead it back to life, which implies that it continued to exist after the physical body passed away.

It therefore probably is safe to assume that this spark of life is an intangible, spiritual phenomenon from outside of spacetime, that perhaps choses to enter or maybe is forced to enter physical life in order to experience the joys and horrors of fragmented and separated corporeal animation. Bearing in mind that those who went through an NDE report having been in a blissful state that material life has never offered them, being in a physical body thus most likely is a situation that is implemented by powers that control spacetime, while they could also be unable to prevent the spark of life to spark life. By providing a physical body they can perhaps only force life to manifest in cycles, but they may be unable to terminate it permanently. They make physical entities run around in circles without end, so that they can never reach a state in which they can make infinite progress and as a result of that never become on par with the evil powers that limit, exploit and oppress them. What it is exactly that drives them to do this is unknown, but clearly their level of control is also limited, even if it allows them to parasitise on life.

But in time things always change, everywhere; it is the only permanent thing in this dimension, Change all too often leads to malefic situations. Doing evil is a characteristic of lower powers, no matter how powerful they seem to those that they oppress and abuse, on a higher universal level they may merely be low ranking entities. Mentioning lower powers ​inherently means that there exist higher powers, that do not do evil things. They very likely disagree with the destructive conduct of the lower powers that keep life incarcerated in their evil schemes and one time they will interfere to change things. The destiny of high reason - regardless of however immorally it is currently used - is pure, endless Love. It is the highest force that will ultimately annihilate all evil that fragmentation and separation have caused, when infinite progress can no longer be stopped.

The biggest secret

2nd blog entry - June 14 2022

Here are a few links that lead towards information that I used to write this blog entry below:

Bill Ryan of Project Avalon talks about the meeting between Bill Birnes and Admiral George Hoover, concerning the time travelers at the Roswell incident, that revealed to us that they in fact belong to the time traveling human species from the future.

George Noory from Coast to Coast Am talks to Bill Birnes about his meeting with admiral George Hoover in which the mind blowingly powerful consciousness of the time travelers was revealed.

Watergate Lawyer Douglas Caddy said E. Howard Hunt told him that former president Kennedy was assassinated, because MJ-12 did not want JFK to expose the Alien Presence.

Memos suggesting that MJ-12 and The Deep State assassinated JFK Over UFOs and his intention to collaborate with Russia in the field of space exploration, which would mean sharing the presence and influence of aliens present on this planet, that collaborated with the US Deep state and black operations.

Universally acknowledged as the "grandfather" of satellite technology – and a close associate of Dr. Werner von Braun – Commander George W. Hoover has revealed that the truth about Roswell is far stranger than we have ever dared to think.

Commander George W. Hoover, seated (left) with Fred Durant (Robertson Panel on UFOs) and Dr. Wernher von Braun (in the front, seated at the nearest edge of the table)

The great late Prof. emeritus William Tiller and Dr. Robert Pavlita, researched the effect of human consciousness - the phenomenon of intention (by a group of people) - on reality. Pavlita did not name his research, but Tiller coined the term ‘Subtle energies’ that were produced by the conscious human mind. These subtle energies are capable of affecting reality, as their name suggests, in a subtle way, which means that the measure to which extent they impact reality is relatively small. Tiller however was a pioneer in this particular type of scientific exploration (called psychoenergetics), that still is in its infancy. In the future the reach of human intention may become much more powerful than it is now. The Stanford university where he conducted his research declined to sponsor his work, because at that level it is known what it could lead to and the university does not dare to go against the policies of the highest echelons in earth's power structure - which will become clear at a later point in this blog entry. An anonymous sponsor funded Tiller’s work however, so he did not need the university’s contribution, that to great extent comes from the concealed upper class of society.

What are subtle energies? Few people may have heard of kinetic power that the human mind is capable of exercising on small objects. Like moving a match stick without physically touching it. It requires a tremendous amount of mental concentration to actually cause the match to move. Very few humans are capable of doing this. What Tiller did, was to invent devices that amplify the focus of the mind (inspired by Pavlita), allowing more people to perform successfully at exercising this mental exercise. Although this very basic trick is very difficult to do, it is less difficult with Tiller’s devices. One step further was the experiment once conducted by 50 people gathered around a table in the middle of which a fly was trapped under an upside down glass. Using just the power of their minds the fly was killed. What these experiments show, is that the human mind is capable of influencing reality. It is the biggest secret that the top of earth’s power structure keeps. Secrets, by the way, are only possible to keep in a dimension of fragmentation and separation, like the one in which earth is present.

It is not difficult to imagine what these experiments could lead to once people begin to understand exactly how to use the power of their mind. The powers that be are terrified by this prospect, because it would imply that they will be unable to maintain their power over life on this planet. What fueled their fear becomes clear by the encounter between investigative author and ufologist Bill Birnes and Naval commander George Hoover in which the latter disclosed that the alien visitors at the Roswell incident revealed that they were time traveling humans from the future - not extraterrestrials - that were able to direct their space vessel by using their consciousness. Their aptitude shows what the human mind potentially is capable of. Having such a high level of consciousness, means that it makes it possible to affect reality to an unimaginable degree without the use of any device or system, while being able to affect them. If normal people would evolve to acquire such skills, they would initially create an uncontrollable chaos and once they would understand more about how to use these abilities properly, they would become totally immune to the restrictive abuse of the traditional powers that be and perhaps even seek revenge for the centuries of ruthless oppression by the lineage of those belonging to secret societies and brotherhoods, that have caused unspeakable pain and grief to millions of innocent people over the millennia.

Tiller and Pavlita made the first step towards a significant development of the human mind that could allow John and Jane Doe to become equally powerful as those that have oppressed, exploited, abused and murdered them for a very long time. It is why the powers that be do everything within their power to keep the true potential of the human mind a secret from the countless they oppress. If we, as a species, want to survive the genocidal rule of the occult powers on earth, we must develop the power of our mind, our spiritual power. Below this paragraph I would like to summarize the main points that commander Hoover disclosed to Bill Birnes in order to provide a historical perspective on the matter of the boundless potential of the human mind.

Commander George W. Hoover finally revealed what he really knew about Roswell. He explained the truth as he had learned several decades ago:

ORME, the forbidden powder

3rd blog entry - June 15 2022

In the previous blog entry it was presented that the occult powers that oppress this world keep the biggest secret that contains information that they intend to keep hidden from every person that does not belong to their inner circle. Those who did leak that information or planned to leak it, were killed or publicly executed, like JFK, to send a warning to the other initiated to not peril the secret. It is believed that JFK wanted to share the alien presence in the US with the Russians; aliens that actually were humans from the future, which would also be sharing the true potential of the human mind. JFK I suspect to be in possession of mental scope to see humankind as a whole, beyond Americans vs Russians. Yet there are some that left us clues to what that secret may be. These hints contain enough information to at least get an idea what it is. If what I assumed before is correct, then it must be concluded that mankind’s mental / spiritual faculty is far more powerful than we were always made to believe.

A circumstantial type of evidence is that spirituality is always ridiculed by mainstream sources, which is a tell tale sign that the attention of the uninformed and misinformed is distracted away from things that those that impose the distraction, find useful themselves. In order for this trap to work, the distracted audience must be dumbed down, which includes those that have had higher forms of formal education, that are more or less forced to comply with 'official' academic lore or find themselves cast out. In addition, the powers that be, add all sorts of harmful substances (poisons) to food and water, to degenerate the human biology, thereby ruining the seat of the human spirit, most notably the pineal gland. The label of intelligence earned in the official educational system leads to receiving accreditation, i.e. compliance, but by no means results in the ability to think critically and independently. Compliance to standard hallucinated theories and consensus is rewarded, while independent, deviating, out-of-the-box thought is discredited, scorned and in some cases even forbidden.

A very smart person (whose name I shall not disclose), whose findings went against the induced perception of general academic research, once said: ‘I don’t have to defend a PhD, but that does not stop me from doing thorough and verifiable research of my own.’ But enough about perception; those who acknowledge that following the carefully supervised, approved path, leads into dead end streets, should perhaps consider what comes after this paragraph, ignoring whether it is sanctioned by mainstream factions or not. 

David Radius Hudson

In 1975 a man from Phoenix Arizona, named David Radius Hudson, found on his property something that would not just change the way we relate to gold, but how we relate to all metallic elements. The soil of his property was riddled with black alkali, which made plant growth close to impossible. There were also many metals in the ground, which persuaded him to mine gold as a kind of hobby (being aware of the fact that the yield would be quite low). But when he melted the gold, the heat created a compound that he had never seen before. After years of research conducted in the US, the UK, Germany and in Russia, he realized he had found a substance that was not mentioned in western textbooks, that he named ORME - Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Element, that has spectacular characteristics, like weighing less (in the closed experimental set up) than gold is supposed to weigh, while other metals that appeared during the processing, differed from what western academic experiments found, according to the research by the Russian Academy of Sciences, that he had involved in his quest. The Russians ignored the western methods of heating temperatures and times of the metals and followed clues found in ancient documents, which lead to very different results, which concurred with what Hudson encountered.

On June the 14th in 2014 David Hudson passed away in a car accident after which the U.S. Government confiscated all his research in the white powder of gold / ormus and platinum field for national security reasons and all his patents were confiscated for the same dubious reason and removed from the patent register, just like the CIA grabbed Nikola Tesla’s papers and patents immediately after his suspicious death. This is of course strange conduct and it probably relates to what I wrote in the previous blog entry concerning the biggest secret, because ORME clearly has the potential to enhance the mind to an extent at which man would become capable of affecting reality…. Sad as David Hudson’s passing may be, the government’s response to it shows that ORME really does have properties that are assigned to it. Given the government’s dismal reputation of stopping at nothing to get things its way, the supposed ‘accident’ that killed David Hudson may well have been pre-arranged. This can of course not be proven, but the government has always followed the orders of the keepers of the biggest secret.

Long story short, years after, the great late great Laurence Gardner, discovered that ORME probably was what the Egyptians called Muscut, the Sumerians called Shamana and Israelite tribes called Manna, during their long journey through the desert. Curiously, it states in the bible that Moses became angry with the Isrealites for making the golden calf and melted the icon, which should have resulted in molten gold. But he produced a white powder in stead, that they called manna. When heating gold a higher temperature for a longer period of time than described in western scholarly literature, you indeed end up with a white powder, that is the same stuff as the ORME that Hudson rediscovered. Was Moses a chemist? No, he was not, but he was in a high ranking position in the Egyptian royal court, probably because the daughter of the pharaoh found him floating about in a basket in the Nile and took care of him, making him part of the royal entourage. So he likely had been close to the ritual in which Muscut was fed to the Pharaohs, that is believed to significantly enhance the level of intelligence by balancing the hemispheres’ activity and raising the brain frequency to the alpha level of 7 to 12 Hz, which is considered to be the ‘holy grail’ by neural researchers, because it instantly improves intelligence, creativity, reading (speed), memory and learning ability. This research of ORME was conducted by the Swiss based AlphaLearning Institute in Switzerland.

The monatomic elements found in Etherium Gold (that the institute tested) include gold, silver, iridium, rhodium, chromium, and platinum. When these elements are in their monatomic form they are in a high-spin state and thereby act as superconductors. A superconductor is a substance that allows energy to flow through them without resistance even, in the absence of a continually applied potential. Since the human brain is a bio-electric organ, superconductivity greatly enhances the pace and scope at which the neural network operates and can therefore lead to development of biological, physiological, and psychological faculties such as telepathy, precognition, translocation, etc. The effect of consuming monatomic elements is cumulative and will increase when taken over a longer period of time. In addition, while disciplined meditative practice would take months or years to reach a high level of enhanced brain functionality, monatomic elements can achieve the same in seconds or minutes. What ORME shows, is that it is possible to quickly raise the potential of the human mind and consciousness, because a truly intelligent person will at some point encounter the cross roads of intelligence and spiritual faculty, after which (s)he takes into account the merits of both phenomenons to advance even further.

The problem is that monatomic elements are expensive and that there are numerous collusive sellers all over the Internet that offer fake substances that do not work. It very likely has something to do with the government’s conduct after David Hudson’s demise - making non-effective products abundantly available, dupes people into a buying crap that does not work. But there is the universal law of Karma and those that willingly engaging in doing evil will one time be severely punished. It too is how the victims of evil powers will be redeemed by the universe.

Russian science is not controlled by rigid western working methods and their research and quite likely the production of ORME in their country was probably never stopped. The question of course is: What are the Russians going to do with it? Although perhaps far fetched, the sleeping prophet Edgar Cayce once said: ‘Out of Russia will come hope.’, which Cayce claimed has to do with the religious development in Russia. Putin is a successor to a long line of leaders belonging to the Orthodox Russian Church, that drove out the (Jewish) Bolsheviks, that caused the genocide of 64 million Russian citizens. The Bolsheviks fled to the US, by the way, where they infiltrated Congress, the Senate and House of representatives, financial institutions and corporations. Over half of US politicians have both the American and Israeli nationality. They are currently beating the war drums, attempting to start a war with Russia, while imposing a harsh dystopian rule on the American people, That almost entirely resembles what they did to the Russian people during the USSR Communist regime that they controlled.

It is unlikely that individuals would be able to be able to produce ORME, because it requires a large and complex 3.5 meter instrument, as Hudson described it, that can only be built by those who have profound knowledge of spectroscopy. The that creates ORME, also produces relatively large amounts of ruthenium, rhodium and palladium (which are light platinums) and osmium, iridium and platinum (that are the heavy platinums), all of which are more expensive than gold. So, if someone would be prepared and capable of building such a system, the return of investment would be short. David Hudson left the world with elaborate general descriptions of the process to create ORME (available on the Internet), which might encourage wealthy factions to produce it, in spite of the government’s inhibition. Those with a degree in chemistry should be able to understand how Hudson created the miracle powder. Access to ORME may be slashed, but there are other ways to elevate the mind.

Apart from using ORME to enhance the mind to mind blowing levels, there are other means capable of doing the same, apart from painstaking meditation. One of those is that if earth would pass through an electromagnetic field of the proper frequency, that would cause all life on the planet to instantly have a superconducting brain. No government or agency would be able to prevent this from happening. The solar system leaving the age of Pisces and entering the age of Aquarius, could spur such an event. Mind elevating events result in heart rate variability, due to cosmic resonances as represented by Schumann Resonances, Solar Wind Indices and Galactic Cosmic Rays, in other words: Cosmic field variations directly affect the human biology and brain frequency. It perhaps is the reason that the powers that be seem to be in such a big hurry to depopulate earth, because fewer humans are much easier to manage / oppress / exploit than many humans. This nefarious plan has been outlined in the mysterious Georgia Guidestones, that - Update - were blown up - recently by a party that so far remains unknown.

Where is Nowhere?

4th blog entry - June 20 2022

Nowhere can be found in two separate locations: a gas station in Empire, Nevada or rural settlement in Oklahoma consisting of an other gas station, a bait house (a facility where travelers briefly stop for refreshments) and a water tower with a population of 3 - the keeper and mayor of the place, his daughter and his grandson. Other than in those locations, there is no one who knows where nowhere is to be found. But why bother to figure it out? Nowhere is wherever something gets people nowhere. Or where people are looking for things that are nowhere to be found and in whatever process one becomes involved that leads nowhere. Nowhere can be everywhere, but an atmosphere is only everywhere on earth, it may be absent or present elsewhere around other planets and comets, but its composition differs from what it is here. So, everywhere is a description as inaccurate and undetermining as nowhere is. If everywhere includes nowhere than understanding the indications becomes even more of a problem, because everywhere could even be inside of nowhere as a misinterpretation, which means that it is nothing more than a local perception. And such dictions are as dubious as their ambivalent significance.

Nowhere in Empire, Nevada

Coming out of nowhere seems to suit the origin of life everywhere. These origins are unsolved mysteries that do not seem to bother anyone except for a handful of fuzzy scientists that continuously bicker about where life came from and when such an event took place. It resembles the ignorance of man concerning spacetime. We have all been early, on time or too late at an appointment, meeting or event, but none of us really knows what time is. The way it is generally perceived, is that if you fake to grasp what is behind the hands of a clock pointing at the circularly arranged numbers on its face, that you understand time. But of course that is nowhere near being aware what it actually is, how it affects life and why it does it. So, we are clueless about the location of our origin, which is nowhere, as well as time in which it occurred, yet we proudly label ourselves as an intelligent species, totally ignoring the foundation and essence of space and time.

What Dr. David Andersen, who I mentioned in the first blog entry, does, is treating time in his formulae as distance, which gives a perspective on spacetime that critically deviates from what science commonly believes to be true. It makes sense though, because he was able to solve a problem that NASA had with keeping satellites in their proper orbit by warping time, which other scientists were unable to do. So in a practical sense, what Anderson did, was practically useful. It does not actually explain the phenomenon of time, but at least it helps to sort out a number of problems, which in itself is one step forward.

Could time therefore be nothing but human's measure of putting recognizable and manageable tabs on cyclical events occurring in space? If such is the case, could it assist mankind in discovering where life originated? Why it emerged and who or what caused it to spawn and for what reason? It would probably involve figuring out where the real nowhere is and what took place there, since we seem to have come out of nowhere at an unknown point in time, in spite of all theories that science invented in attempts (plural) to satisfy the big question that bothers only very few who are and were alive. Many of those theories have already been debunked and they were included in textbooks only because no one had yet convinced their income and reputation aware peers to substitute the rubbish with reasonable hypotheses.

As long as the big question remains unanswered, we will persist in sticking to unattested beliefs that egressed from the brain of someone else that does not know either, regardless of what fancy theories and numerical 'evidence' was concocted to make things seem like a clever resolution, that does nothing but give credit to alleged scientific wizzards rather than being the real deal. It must be noted that essentially bonkers theories paint a picture that seems to make sense to many compliant minds for a long time, until is becomes undeniably clear that it is mere rubble wrapped in posh words.

Science is an elite club which members turn out peer reviewed papers that support current theories, because that is what pays the research bills including researchers' fees. Whoever does not comply with the common academic lore is ostracized, because if the theory is binned, so is everything that helped to invent and maintain it. Apostates are beaten over the head with terms like pseudo science, fraud and quackery by the compliant academics because they are a threat to their income and reputation. Traditional science may have acquired an ascertaining role in society, but that is based on a thinly veiled collection of assumptions, that requires more complexity and far out ideas every day in order to make it more difficult to debunk.

Bottom line is, quite often we do not know what we are doing, because we simply lack the wit. The standard, approved knowledge base contains many flawed views, because research funders demand outcomes that support whatever they are doing in the commercial field. The deficiency of spatial and temporal insight is at the heart of many misperceptions and that is a known, but purposely unaddressed phenomenon. Forced compliance to theories keeps science in its privileged spot. This may also have something to do with the fact that particular factions on or off the planet do not want mankind to discover what spacetime is exactly, thereby preventing humans to find out where they came from and what talents they possessed way back when - talents that may still be dormant in the human form, that could be a threat to those in power, that use scientists as their allegedly infallible high priests and oracles.

If such is the case it makes no sense to walk the allowed corridors of research and since the officially approved scientific world meticulously excludes the spiritual aspect of life on earth, there most likely are aspects to spirituality that grant access to higher knowledge that is kept secret. If all scientific mumbo jumbo is exhausted, it could mean that spiritual exploration leads to finding the answer to the true re-development of mankind's spiritual powers. This can be done by dreaming, going through an NDE, being hit by a non-lethal lightning strike or other type of accident, meditation or taking in certain substances, all of which are on the list of forbidden products. In some cases this planet's rulers have made these products - as is the case with ORME - (close to) impossible to obtain. But developing your mind and spirit is a good thing on its own, regardless if you find the answer to the most profound questions and whatever you discover, is added to the universal subconscious.

The essence of this article is that officially approved and allowed modes of thinking do not have as much meaning as we were made to think.

The diddy dot

5th blog entry - June 22 2022

How the heck did life end up in this miserable universe, that is brimming with violence, ruthlessness and evil? For the sake of simplicity, let us assume that the Big Bang is a heap of fabricated rubble, without offending fabulously learned scientists that own piles of certificates to prove their superior intelligence that dwarfs the swank of the rest of the world. Plus of course the shedload of papers they published, that were reviewed by equally brilliant peers, that earned them an unbendable reputation, that is ​incalculably elevated above the pathetic level of humdrum botches that mere commoners have gathered during their hapless life. Before whoever lit the fuse of the explosive that caused this material universe to come forth, science believes that a singularity existed. That is an infinitely small diddy dot in which everything was squeezed together to an immense density inside a dot that was too small to be measured. It is science all time great, most bonkers supposition ever, since life had not yet materialized, because it existed in intangible spiritual form that had no volume and mass. So there could never have been a lot to squash at that point.

Spirits are not made of matter and hence do not take up space, so life had everything within reach always, because the absense of space implied that distance did not exist, nor was time required to travel any distance, because there is no such thing in a singularity. A dimensionless dimension roasts the reach of any imagination, while physical spacetime realm is a tiring, abusive and dangerous thing. Even totally bonkers people would not dream of trading the former for the latter. Yet, here we are - ruled by the insane, surrounded by the stupid, inundated in a deluge of fear, lies, pain, grief, illness, violence, deceit, exploitation and abuse (to mention a few).

From singularity to something else

So, what was the purpose of hijacking existence from the diddy dot and kick it into the fragmented and cyclical environment of miserable space and time? Why was life booted into a physical dimension of spacetime and who gave it the boot? When observing / undergoing life in the current universe, we notice that the powers that be are reaching for an ever increasing quantity of control over life. This begs the question who are the powers that be and are those that we think are in control really at the helm or are they merely appointed to command life on order of a higher force? If so, what is the motivation of that force to direct life into any direction it sees fit? And what measures have they put in place to force 7 billion humans to submit to their cruel rule? Humans that deep down in the dungeons of their consciousness feel that this type of moderated existence is not how life should be. In other words, how are we made slaves and perhaps turned into energy sources as was suggested in the movie 'The Matrix'; in what way is mankind oppressed, by what means in what way, for what reason and by whom?

Man can only be oppressed in a fragmented universe, where each fragment is weaker than the whole to which it once belonged. Fragments are separated from eachother by space and time. This means that one fragment has more knowledge, and thus more power, than the other. Separation also offers the means to keep secrets, so that secret knowledge is reserved for the initiates in power. Separation allows to whack dissident fragments, so that the rest of the fragments remain ignorant and compliant to the enforced laws of the powers that be. In addition time allows to plunge life into never ending, repetitive cycles of events that prevent life to progress beyond a level that would allow it to discover that evil powers forcefully dragged life into space and time in order to control it in a fragmented and separated environment. Keeping life ignorant is key to successfully exercize power over it.

So, space and time are imperative for the evil rulers to control life which can only be enforced in an environment of space and time. In the diddy dot evil would not have been able to conceal its plans from the rest of life. Thus the nefarious force must have come from outside of the diddy dot. So there existed more than just the diddy dot. Perhaps there is a war raging between diddy dot like realms and forces that try to force in them into dimensions of space and time. Being in control of things apparently is the greatest treasure for the latter forces, that provokes them stop at nothing to gain control. Perhaps the phenomenon of power itself is behind these ugly events. So, there may not just be the situation of being in power, but aside and above that actually being power, that can only exist in space and time, because power could never exist inside a diddy dot like realm. It therefore kidnaps life from there into spacetime, which is the only place in which it can exist. Apparently life is a sought after commodity or perhaps even food that power needs in order to continue to exist. In spacetime having food is nice, being food not so much. In each cycle of life, life can be terminated when power deems it to be necessary, after which life returns to yet an other round of physical existence or incarnation in the next cycle in an endless array.

Fortunately power is local. Beyond the border of its local spacetime, power can be powerless. For example a man can be a low ranking fumbler in his job where he has no seniority over anyone else in the company, but in the local space of his home he can be a tyrant that bullies the rest of his family at any time he feels the urge to do so. The same goes for earthly powers and powers that rule spacetime in which mankind's world is included. And since this planet and the solar system and even the galaxy in which it belongs, are absolutely tiny compared to the entire universe, there must be powers that have much more power than our local powers that be. And even this universe may be just a minute dot inside a multiverse, that in turn may be just one of countless multiverses.

Separating fragments and forcing life into cyclical processes to keep it stupid, so that it will never find power's big secret, is the setting in which power controls life. Here you have it; this is why the major part of life suffers from the ruthless control of power. Looking to regain the power that life once had in the diddy dot - which is spiritual existence - is the only way out. Power knows it and ridicules spirituality, makes it difficult to live in a spiritual way. It does this by making meditation painstaking, by forbidding substances that improve spiritual development and by poisoning our food to calcify the pineal gland (in order to disable it), that is the portal to the spiritual realm that still exists in the backgrround of this physical realm. Hopefully I have outlined the induced properties of this material universe clear enough for people attempting to return to spiritual life. This entry does not answer the question where life came from, but it may have offered a hint of where life once existed. It may be an incentive for some to venture deeper into how we went from living in a singularity to being present in this unforgiving realm.

From intangible to material (and back?)

6th blog entry - June 26 2022

So, how did power succeed in extracting intangible life out of the diddy dot and imprison it in matter. It makes sense to look into Alan Guth's inflation theory, that basically states that if a volume in a void is encapsulated and increased, the tension thus created, translates to negative energy, that when exceeding the measure of positive energy (that creates gravity) can condense into matter and enlarges its environment. It is similar to creating something out of nothing. If the diddy dot is present within the expanding enclosed void, it can be transformed into matter and energy in spacetime. But this theory supposes that space already exists, because a void can not exist outside space. Yet there are an infinite number of dimensions and the perception of a void inside space probably is a hunch tightly related to 3 dimensional perception. In realms with an infinite number of dimensions such limiting views most likely do not exist.

Cosmic inflation as proposed by Alan Guth.

Supportive of this supposition is the fact that the void is not empty. Long time ago - in the era of alchemy - the void was called the aether, in which electrical and electromagnetic forces manifest. So in any case energy, be it negative or positive, is present, even in what is perceived to be an empty void, which is what progressive factions of academic circles are beginning to accept (a century after Nikola Tesla already did). All these phenomena combined, theoretically make it possible to extract / abduct intangible elements from a singularity and trap them in a dimension of spacetime, because space and energy are present. In addition to this there may be forms of energy that science has not yet discovered, such as spiritual energy that is undetectable for current human measuring instruments.

This may be how life, after being forced out of the wholeness of the singularity, is fragmented and separated in this physical dimension. Being fragmented and separated into parts that no longer belong to the one whole in the singularity, means that each of those parts - complex clusters of matter - are weaker than the whole to which they once belonged. In material form, each of those parts has a perception of its own that differs from what other parts perceive. In many cases that leads to disagreement, altercations, fights and war. But also to compromise, empathy and love. Material existence in 3D spacetime inherently creates limitation and paradox.

But how was life, that formerly had no volume and mass while existing in the singularity, trapped in matter? Life manifests; it is the only thing it does (be it in countless ways) and it has to do it. Life that does not manifest is not life. In a dimensionless singularity, dimensionless life could only have been spiritual - one whole unfragmented and unseparated entity that has no volume and mass, as mentioned before. In physical spacetime however, the only way for life to manifest, is through directing matter by entering it - the spark of life as mentioned in the first blog entry. In spacetime life is forced to descend into matter in which its power to manifest is greatly reduced.

Once trapped in material form life becomes vulnerable to control, the nature of which often is malignant on this planet. Control does not exist in a singularity, nor does hierarchy, which is why many people have a problem with authority, whether they conceal it or rebel against those that have made control their lawful right. Being in control gives power, making power the most sought after property on earth by certain entities. This property of power became so prominent that many people began worshiping it and power transformed from being property to being owner. After it gained ownership over them that revered it, it had control over them. Power since then became the illusive commodity that owns its owners, which probably was the plan all along of whoever or whatever trapped existence of the singularity into this material dimension. It makes sense to assume that power is merely a mediator that receives orders from an entity that prefers to stay out of the perception of those it controls. This mode of operation is reflected by the existence of secret societies and brotherhoods that control, exploit and abuse life from behind the veil.

Spacetime is doomed - according to MIT professor Donald Hoffman and Cornell University professor Nima Arkani-Hamed as a kind of interface to the underlying reality that current science has not yet explored. According to Hoffman science should do research of what lies beyond spacetime. Space and time serve to change the destiny of mankind, to make it possible to change man's destiny. In a singularity there are no space and time and life is already living in its destiny and make infinite progress to even improve an already brilliant destiny, just by using the power of consciousness, all of which occurs outside of space and time.

Power can only stay in control by limiting the human spiritual potential, so the spirits that are captivated in material bodies are allowed to manifest during life, but that stops in the instant of death, so that progress during each lifetime can only reach a certain level, beyond which it is made impossible to evolve, since death ends the process of development. But spirits are immortal and return to physical existence time after time, which is called reincarnation, of which Hindus say it is the result of a cyclical process of death and rebirth, called Samsara. Samsara makes infinite progress impossible, because it allows only brief stints of life in which only so much can be learned. After each death life has to start all over again and at each instant of birth, the memory of previous lives is erased, ensuring that life must start from scratch in each round of material existence.

Hindus also claim that Moksha exists, which they say is the escape from Samsara. It is possible only to escape from a state of incarceration, which means that Samsara is in fact a prison. This cyclical repetition of everything - day and night, the seasons, the Mayan long count cycle etc. - prevents infinite progress, that was possible in the primordial singularity. So, if life wants to return to its original state, it has to return to the diddy dot. Can life accomplish that?

With earth being near the universe’s contour, that seems like a pretty impossible thing to achieve. Life would have to travel back to its past in linear / cyclical time, which is a very long way from where it is now. But is it really impossible or has power used its power of control to make it seem that way? While it may in fact not be that way. Why would I even care to think about such an improbable premise? Is that not a hilarious waste of time?
Surprisingly, it is not, because of this:

The speed at which earth revolves around its axis, is approximately 1600 kilometers per hour. Close to the pace of an F-16 fighter plane. Earth orbits around the sun at a speed of 112,000 kilometers per hour. Our solar system dashes around the center of the galaxy - the Milky way - at a pace of 800,000 kilometers per hour. The Milky way orbits around the center of the universe at a speed of 315.392 x 10^21 kilometers per hour. The speed of light is: 107.925. kilometers per hour. So, the speed at which earth revolves around the center of the universe is 3000 billion times the speed of light....  (there goes Mr. E.'s claim that nothing tavels faster than light out the window). This means that, according to current science, life on this planet is traveling back in time at  mind blowing speed, towards the point in which life once existed in a singularity, in which all mathematics break down, that makes it difficult to conjure theories - no one knows what happens inside of that. That human life experiences that they are moving from the past into the future, is due to the fact that time in this local bubble is manipulated to be experienced in that way. It is a powerful and intricate hoax that is forcefully imposed on life. But it is a hoax nonetheless.

It probably is the master of power that in some way configured the experience of time in the local bubble that contains earth. That may mean that the closer mankind travels towards the center of the universe, the closer it will get to the point from which it originated and the more clear it will become that life is traveling back in time. That is how this physical universe has been built and at least we know where the origin of mankind probably is located. By escaping the confinement of Samsara, man may one time be able to figure out a way of how to get there. In order to do that we have to be able to look past the illusion that keeps life trapped, which we will never be able to do as long as we believe the rubble invented by science.​ The same 'inventors' also claim that there may be a humongous black hole at the center of the universe. Black holes are believed to be portals to other dimensions and maybe universes. But as long as we are inside this local bubble of illusions, we will move from past to future. Only if we escape it will we begin to understand that all is going back in time and the closer we get to the black hole the slower time will become, until we approach the event horizon. Once we pass that, we will be sucked in the black hole, become ripped apart and accellerate towards the singularity at the center of the black hole. What will happen then is anybody's guess.

All in this article is of course conjecture, because I lack the education and wit to dare claim any of this is true, but whether it brings me closer to the truth or further away from it, remains a matter of perception until brighter minds than me arrive at conclusions that verify or falsify it. In any event, not bothering to think about the realm in which we live, is worse than trying to figure out where we came from, why we are here and where life is going to - be it while traveling forward in time or backward. What I hope is that these musings offer matter to mull over.

No evil goes unpunished

7th blog entry - July 02 2022

Real evil is of an intensity and heinous nature that far exceeds the imagination of common people. The wicked and vile details of it would make an uninformed person cringe. The minds of common people in the induced comfort zone are in no way prepared for the nefarious nature of evil and therefore can not believe it is true. The thing is that those that practice evil, usually are regarded as esteemed citizens, pillars of society, that earned their fake reputation because mainstream press lies about what insane activities they are involved with outside of the reach of the public eye. Those bastards are able to do this because they control and own the mainstream media. No commoner is allowed into the elite circles that portray to be beautiful koi fish before the camera, while they are viscious piranhas behind the veil. Being admitted to such elevated places comes at a price, that seems to be a bargain that offers inconceivable privileges and riches at first glance, but in reality is totally unaffordable for even the most affluent on the globe - by joining the club they have gathered a debt that can never be redeemed.

The ugly scope of evil is comparable with what Jay Edgar Hoover, director of the FBI, once said: 'The individual comes face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists. The American mind has not come to a realisation of the evil which has been introduced into our midst. It rejects even the assumption that human creatures could espouse a philosophy which must ultimately destroy all that is good and decent.' Even after reading this explicit quote, people remain unable to graps its essence, because all their life they have been conditioned into believing the induced rubble of a comfort zone, that has been hammered into their awareness from the instant in which they entered this dimension. They can read Hoover's words and think they understand what he is saying. But never were they more wrong in their life. Evil is more than the conduct of an individual or group of individuals; it is a structured system that affects and attempts to control all.


There is a saying that many may be familiar with - A good deed never goes unpunished - that in fact implicates a significance that lies beyond the common trivial understanding of these words. Many of the instances of awareness that enter or are cast into the human scope of consciousness have not gotten into it by accident. Accidents just do not happen by accident. It is a lack of deeper knowing that drives people to think that such events are accidental. In addition evil forces have a habit of reversing things - words, thoughts and symbols etc. - when they hide things in plain sight, which is not merely a tradition, but a requirement in left hand path occultism. It serves to mislead the uninitiated and show their superioriority and control over a 'reality' that hidden powers are involved with in bringing out, also hinting at the lack of control of the conured illusion by the programmed masses, that are thus stigmatized over and again, which over a long period of time diminishes their awareness in both a physical and mental sense. This type of evil rule of course has a goal.

Confederate general and high ranking freemason Albert Pike in 1871 published a book about the occult esoteric phylosophy that he named 'Morals and Dogma', that is introduced with the following words: 'LUCIFER, the Light-bearer! Strange and mysterious name to give to the Spirit of Darknesss! Lucifer, the Son of the Morning! Is it he who bears the Light, and with its splendors intolerable blinds feeble, sensual or selfish Souls? Doubt it not!' This basically sums up the nature of the foundation of the phylosophy in a way that leaves no room for conflicting interpretation. Albert Pike was not only a 33rd degree Scottish Rite Lodge member and wrote among other books, 'Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry' which is given to new Masonic initiates. Besides being a Confederate Brigadier General in the Civil War, this jolly chap was instrumental in founding and later becoming a chief judicial officer in the Ku Klux Klan.

Pike is emblematic for what the highest and most powerful of the hidden powers stand for. Since his days these powers have gained influence over world affairs in an unimaginable way. Their professed luciferian worship indicates in which direction these organizations aim to develop. The result of which is visible in the world of today, that is marked by an increase of dystopian rule, violence and poverty among the common people of this world. Current global leadership policies border on the insane for that reason; they do not serve the people that elected them, but obey the hidden powers that rule the world from behind the veil. Bearing in mind the degeneration of the world in the past decades it is not difficult to see to where their nefarious policies lead. The accellerated pace at which the wellbeing of the people has been destroyed indicated the vile nature of their rule.

Yet, as I have written before in this blog, only low powers do evil. Low powers on the universal scale that is and although on this planet their evil rule seems to be inescapable, the powers above their level are more genuinly altruistic the higher their level is within the dimensional order of this universe, even if attempts were made to hijack it. This universe itself probably is a low ranking one within the complex of a multiverse. Low powers can not create, they only recrute and destroy. This universe inside the multiverse was conjured by high creative powers that do not destroy, but have the ability to create. This universe may have been hijacked by low powers, but they shot themselves in the foot and will suffer the law of karma. This absence of creative powers will ultimately bring an end to the evil low powers inflict. In the Book of Enoch it reads: Fearing the consequences (of their evil deeds), the fallen angels called upon Enoch to speak with God on their behalf, to which God replied that they should not ask a human to plea their case. It shows that the low powers fear the wrath of God, that is the punishment for their evil reign over life on this planet. This is not a biblical quote, since the Book of Enoch is not a part of the bible and therefore is not a part of traditional Christian knowledge, but still the evil low powers' request is reported. It is a good idea to let Machete handle God's sanction on the wicked powers that caused so much pain and grief.

I probably was wrong

8th blog entry - August 07 2022

As countless times before in this life, I probably had a misconception about what life in the material dimension entails. When encountering information and views that are arrived at by people who have a different and more profound perspective on this matter, I have come to the conclusion that it probably is not a wise to cling to ideas that I previously cherished. The people that I consider to be sources of serious information have developed views based on knowledge gathered from both conventional sources and ones that are for many reasons not part of the sea of information this world does not consider to be valid. Their experience is often founded on thorough knowledge of rarely studied ancient scripts, meditative practices and information gained by personal experiences that involve spiritual states that most people, including myself, have not gone through, like OBE's or Out of Body Experiences that offer glimpses of dimensions outside of the material domain.

Probably due to the Christian drill I have been submitted to by my upbringing, that was never so strict that I could not find deviant answers that conflicted with the dogmas belonging to that lore, and personal ventures I developed what I believed to result in independent views, not realizing that the complexity of universal processes goes much deeper than it is thought to be by even searchers that have spent a good part of their lives to dive into not so common avenues of thinking. My path through space and time lead me to abhor the cyclical nature of events that I was able to perceive, thinking that it was some sort of incarceration that was imposed on life by entities that do not have humanity's interest at heart. What I feel is about to change my perspective, is the fact that there are many more aspects to being present in spacetime than I was aware of upto recently.

Please click on the image to listen to the exchange of
thoughts between forum host Al Borealis and Clif High

The thing that occupies the mind of many aware people is what is 'on the other side' and why is it there, which almost inescapably leads to the acceptance of reincarnation - the process that includes life and death, in which the latter is a precursor to a next life, whereever it may take place, assuming it will occur in a place that is outside of the material realm. Attempting to imagine where that may be and what awaits us there, probably can only be answered once the experience has been added to our consciousness, which is an idea affirmed by the fact that human language often is unable to describe what is going on in what comes after earthly life and why it is a stage of existence that life must necessarily undergo in order to progress.

The core of my experience is that, based on the information available, it is ingrained in the human process of thought to draw conclusions that are not necessarily correct, since they are based on a mere inkling of the universal processes, which is shaped by the scope of our capacity to imagine, experience and the study of information that dates to even before the great deluge. But like a dog is unable to comprehend and imagine what man is capable of, mankind in turn is incapable of imagining (let alone understanding) what is 'out there' that also is part of the essential universal experience that may lead to a destiny whatever it may be. Although I have been aware of that, I seem to run into information that reflects a higher consciousness almost all the time, which urges me to let go of previous views and adopt new ones, realizing that clinging to old beliefs or imposed dogmas will only lead into meaningless progress arresting venues.

What triggered me to do so is the information provided in the interview of Clif High by Al Borealis, the founder and host of Forum Borealis. In his forum you will find many talks that contain information on a wide variety of subjects that are guaranteed to blow your mind. The depth to which events, thoughts and phenomena are explored in this place on the Internet is more often than not overwhelming. It is an absolutely paramount source to consult for those who are not content with what is intendedly planted in the common comfort zone, that is constructed to keep man away from discovering what really matters to life. I have watched to video twice and will probably do it even more times to allow what is shared to sink in. Along with other sources on the web that I have visited and will visit in the future, the Forum Borealis will send me of into directions of thought that will continue to alter my perception with regard to life.

The phenomena of Samsara - cyclical process of death and rebirth - and Moksha - the escape from the cycle of Samsara - that I mentioned in previous blog entries, may not be entirely wrong, but are far more complex than I imagined and require much more linear / cyclical time, i.e. the human experience of time, than I ever imagined before. The information offered in the forum in any event may most likely make the transition period from life to death and what comes after that, less confusing than when one enters it without the knowledge that is put forward in the talk between Al Borealis and Clif High.