Human knowledge

The late, great physicist David Bohm once said that human knowledge is a perceptual enterprise , meaning that observations made from different angles result in different views. Specifically, Bohm reasoned that a circle looked at from straight above creates the image of a perfect circle in our brain. From an angle the circle looks like an ellipse and when observed from the side it looks like a line. All observations are correctly described, but they lead to different explanations. On this page I would like to focus on how this universe may have emerged, being aware of the fact that some cosmologists think that at the time of the Big Bang time dawned along with space.

This kind of pulled the rug from under those that believed that there had to be 'something' that existed before the Big Bang and caused it to occur, because at this point time came into being and before it dawned, there simply was nothing an infinitely small, measureless singularity in which matter and energy were compressed to an unimaginably high level. But this view did not provide a conclusive answer, because time and space could most likely not have come out of nowhere from nothing that was created by nothing. Science then suggested the idea that this universe is part of a multiverse that contains countless universes, many of which were ruled by cosmic laws that differ from the ones considered to be valid in this universe. But the question remains: what spawned the multiverse?  It is a pattern of thought that has no beginning or end, which is difficult to wrap the mind around for 3D life that tends to think in terms of closed and isolated and discrete systems. 

This paradoxal problem seems to have characteristics of a fracal dimension, that was coined by mathematician Felix Hausdorff in 1918, from which yet an other mathematician Benoit B Mandelbrot derived the term fractals. Fractals are purely abstract entities that continue indefinitely in all directions, which means they have no beginning or end, in which each of the fractals contains the whole, that also is a challenge to grasp. But like the word abstract implies, this train of thought is a mathematical hypothecate, aspects of which are found in nature, making it difficult to dismiss. It does however have the potential to think in ways that are difficult to fit in with the way mankind is used views things, because it takes abstraction to a far more complex level, that in a way mocks the current models and forces the bright minds of this world to think in different ways.

Quanta vs patterns

The essence of fractals are the patterns that infinitely repeat without ever being exactly the same, but nevertheless remain similar to some degree, which may suggest that studying patterns in stead of quanta (of matter) probably is a more estimable way to search for the essence of dimensional properties, while not limiting ponderings to 3 dimensions. Related to this is the quote of Nikola Tesla, who said: 'If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.', that is not quite the method that quantum mechanics currently uses in an attempt to discover the truth about the essence of nature and existence.

The limits that quantum physics imposed on the smallest and largest measure that it uses in its formulae and theories - respectively Plank's length and renormalization - to avoid reference to the infinitely small and infinitely large (or so was initially thought), so that its calculations remain within the scope of human imagination and research methods and means, hint at the fact that science considers keeping its theories valid, is more important than what the reality of nature confronts the scientific community with. These self inflicted limitations basically are some sort of denial that the infinite fractal repetitions propose. It feels like slamming the door shut towards potentially very worthwhile developments that Hausdorff and Mandelbrot may have opened, more over since fractals are present everywhere in local and universal nature and therefore can not be denied.

Independent vs sponsored research

Sponsored research probably is the mechanism that keeps scientific research within self imposed limits, since sponsors expect researchers to come up with results that benefit their commercial activities. It makes independent research impossible. Sponsors of big projects defend the interests of corporate and global political organizations that protect the agenda that reflects their view on the future. This is not in the interest of the population of the nations of the world. Meritocracy very rarely is at the base of such collaborations, in particular since such organizations evolve towards globally centralized conglomerates that control the mainstream media, political structure, law enforcement and legislation. This type of control should not be necessary if research would be an open ended thing that has nothing to do with reputations and material interests.

This tendency gradually shapes existence into a subordinate situation that increasingly loses its grips on developments that determine the nature and direction of life as a whole. It is a type of evolution that aims at preventing diversity, independence and a harmonious civilization in which progress and privilege are reserved for those at the top of the global power structure and has nothing to do with the progress of all life on this planet.

Knowledge as a tool to drive civilization into the abyss

Under such conditions knowledge becomes a tool for the few to expand their power at the expense of the many. History has shown that this situation foreshadows the fall of civilizations. It means that mankind has learned nothing of developments in the past and is on the verge of repeating horrendous mistakes that will have a devastating effect on earthly existence. This heinous situation could only be possible though, because the 7 billion people on this planet allow the few thousand that rule them in a merciless way by keeping knowledge of a certain nature to themselves, denying it to the rest of the world.

This hidden type of knowledge commonly is not regarded to be knowledge by the uninformed, disinformed and uninitiated, which is a purposefully created misunderstanding, that prevents the bulk of the world population from searching in the direction that would actually reveal to them the evil intent behind this misguidance. This kind of knowledge that is meticulously ceoncealed by the occullt cabal is known as black magic, that they ridicule publicly, but practice behind the veil. Much of the blissfull and ugly truth can be discovered by reversing the intentionaly enforced common consensus 180° - thus exposing foundation of the agenda of nefarious factions.

It therefore is necessary to make radical changes to this villainous development, because the means at the disposal of the top bellends of earth's power structure, could well lead to an irreversible destruction, since it defies all universal laws that are not man-made. Going against universal law, by the way, is a stupid thing to do, but it is unknkown when the universe will retailliate, since time is an unlawfully induced phenomenoon.