Absolute consciousness resides beyond the final frontier of human perception, that merges true universal knowledge, intuition and wisdom into the mind. Reason's ultimate forge is everlasting Love. Once the state of being completely conscious is reached, the need for physical existence has come to an end and spiritual existence has come to full bloom. Shards of this way of being has been shown in the movie 'Lucy' in which Lucy dissolves out of material life towards the end of the movie, after having gained access of 100% of her brain capacity. Current science does not even know what human is capable of when being in command of over 40% of the brain capacity, at which point it already brims over the stretch of imagination. Human prowess increases exponentially when advancing to being in control of more elevated levels of brain power. It opens up the portal to infinite progress.

Consciousness itself at some point takes over and begins to restore the unity with the universe behind the veil for those who relentlessly, empathically and intelligently continue to walk the untrodden paths leading to unmapped places and times. Gradually strangeness and limitlessness begin to become familiar to the mind's eye, revealing a reality that the imposed illusion attempts to conceal. There will be no measure of anything any longer, just infinity for those who see. Matter becomes nothing and time dwindles until its unforgiving rule has even vanished from memory as retention fades. This is the destiny of existence, that has never ceased to beckon the aware.

I look forward to see this miserable material dimension be put to an end. It has caused an apocalyptic amount of pain and grief. I do not mourn those that cling to it; it is their choice. Their destiny therefore is to remain within the plain of limits and paradoxes, in spite of the fact that they were offered a choice between damnation and bliss. The unemotional and cruel are addicted to living in evil ways, that is a drug they can not live without. So be it.

The healed and transformed will be allowed to enjoy existence that knows no boundaries to beyond infinity. Love in its purest, untainted and most powerful form will be theirs without end. It is their gracious reward for having an open mind and living life using and applying what they have learned - it is that simple. Life in its current form gave them a choice and as a result they will forever bask in the assuasive warmth of the one and only True Light.

The choice is yours.