Separation and fragmentation

Wherever there is life, there are tribes; groups of individual beings that share ethnic similarities. Each being differs from the others belonging to the same tribe, but they share enough traits to have a sense of belonging together, such as a common language, culture and physical features. Being in a group makes the de​gree of enforced separation and fragmentation affect life to a lesser degree by forestalling the induced conditions that make lone individuals weaker / more vulnerable than groups to the crimes of forces that hijacked the universe.

Separation and fragmentation have been happening since the time in which the alleged Big Bang was said to have taken place. At one point the propelled, once uniform plasma, concentrated in a singularity, cooled down to gradually morph into diverse varieties of matter, from which it is believed life sprang, that consequently took on many different forms. The unsimilar properties of the many types of life evolved in different directions, causing distinctions to go beyond physical characteristics and in addition spawn mental diversity and prowess.

Eons of evolution have separated groups of fragmented life to the extent in which they are no longer capable to communicate without adapting acquired tools to make rational interaction possible. This process of ongoing differentiation on countless levels has contributed to many disputes, altercations and wars between many groups. It is the inherent curse of life being trapped in physical form.

Yet there are those who see that the very core of physical beings needs not cave in to the imposed impulses of being in physical form. There are ways to restrain the obtrusive demands of physical life in order to live a more harmonious and peaceful life, which will automatically give life more meaning and will ultimately (re-)open the gateway to infinite progress by eradicating the ever repeating cycles that try to prevent it from happening.

Closed systems

The science of thermodynamics perceives the universe as a closed system containing closed systems. It is the 'official' scientific narrative. The number of followers of this theory is however dwindling, in spite of fierce attampts to keep everyone on board with the effacious academic view. Many scholars expect (some even seem to demand) nature to comply with the laws they have invented, but nature of course, sees such matters quite differently. (Non-existing) closed and isolated systems, according to science, can not exchange matter with its environment, but it can trade heat. Heat is a form of energy and matter is also known as condensed energy.

So, basically there is a contradiction in the described properties of the theory - in a different form matter can be exchanged with the system's environment. Matter that is capable of flowing in and out of a system, is difficult, if not impossible, to control. And here is the magic word: control. Scientists like to think that closed systems can be submitted to a certain level of control. That is: if they are not too big and complex and closed for the most part. 

Relatively small closed systems from which no matter can escape and no matter can enter from the outside, should theoretically be controllable (to some degree). Earth is encased in 2 and sometimes 3 high radiation Van Allen belts that basically make it a closed system or even an isolated system. Science prefers to call the solar system that surrounds earth a closed system, as it does the galaxy and universe.

Those who live inside such systems, also die there and theoretically could go nowhere else after demise. Even reincarnation could not take souls (energy) outside of the multi-layered Russian Matryoshka doll like closed system. Souls would be trapped in the ever lasting cycle of death and re-birth, called Samsara by Hindus / Buddhists. But then again, beliefs are just beliefs, theories are just theories, while reality is in no way obliged to comply with generally flawed human perception. In fact: it is the other way around.

Cyclical processes

Even Hindus / Buddhists admit that there is an escape from Samsara. They call it Moksha . Now escape is possible only from a situation of incarceration - which are the closed systems and isolated in which events occur in cycles - like Samsara. The cycle of day and night, the changing of the seasons, the sequence of earthly years, the precession of the equinox, the Long Count units on the Mayan calendar etc. etc. In the history of mankind we see the cyclical nature of things in the rise and fall of civilizations, corporations and ideas, all of which include life that in this era exists in material form, time and space. So, breaking away from the ever repeating cycles that prevent infinite progress, most likely involves a migration to spiritual life outside of space and time, i.e. a return to what life was before it descended in to physical existence, in which bliss and misery continuously take turns.

Infinite progress

There was life before life became incarnate. In that era the beings that existed weren’t yet submitted to the imposed restraints of physical existence and therefore experienced being conscious at a far more elevated level than commonly is the case today on this planet. Current limitations and paradoxes of earth’s dimension were not yet put in place, which suggests that those restricting properties were enforced up on life by powers that do not have the benefit of life in mind.

This still ongoing consequence of the Big Bang explosive process, which some consider to be the very first terrorist attack in and on the universe in its original form, caused space and time to emerge. The latter two are the foundation and the necessary condition for physical existence. In this site I explore methods of non-physical communication and reasoning to start the journey towards regaining the way life once was, before it became ensnared in physical existence, that is trapped in cycles of events that prevent infinite progress.

Therefore a tribe containing members that don't merely assign value to ethnic, physical similarities, cultural aspects and ideals, but are aware of the fact that spiritual and mental wisdom have the potential to take life beyond the limitations and paradoxes that the material dimension has imposed on life, are best suited to venture in to realms not restraint by these features, even if they are unable to prove the nature and content of their thoughts by common scientific means. It is a difficult, winding road to liberated existence, that has many turns leading nowhere and many challenges to overcome, but the prospect of infinite progress, as opposed to ending up in the same place over and again in cyclical processes, is ​beatifically beyond imagination.