The Vector department
All my vector artwork that you see below is built from scratch with 100% vectors . Exclusively using vectors allows to re-scale images to any size without loss of quality. Most update sequences and additional information on them can be seen in my portfolio blog. Click the images and links (in red type)  below to see their stages of creation. Note:  Clicking on an image will open it in a Lightbox on a black background for a better viewing experience. Clicking again will return you to this page. This only works on desktops. On mobile devices press back to return to this page or swipe up or down.

Crossing Death's Frontier

Death marks the end of each episode of ones reincarnation in this material realm and the continuation of existence in an other. Commonly there is little knowledge about what is on the other side, mainly because it is not encouraged to investigate the matter of what existence is like when life is no longer bound to matter. Such an acquit was less common in other times, but since 'esse est percipi' began to dominate the essence of human's reason, this type of comport faded, that lead to a situation in which man no longer was aware of what awaits him or her beyond the frontier of death. This is a 100% vector image, drawn from scratch in Affinity Designer.

Vladimir Putin

The president of Russia has lead his country out of the dire situation his predecessors left Russia to him. Putin doubled the minimum wage, reduced inflation from 12% to 2% (by ousting the Rothschilds) and halved the unemployment rate in his first term. So, for the average Russian he did a great job, which is why he has an approval rate of 90+%. Western press reports a rather gloomy picture of mister Putin, spreading unfounded 'evidence' for their biased opinions. Putin is one of the few world leaders who dares oppose the nefarious global WEF crime syndicate, that plans to wipe out 90% of the world population. Increasing the BRICS' number of memberships and consequent global power is the most efficient way to obliterate the anti-human, pro corporate WEF.

Monique Klemann

This is Monique Klemann who used to sing in the Dutch group Lois Lane with her sister Suzanne. MK has intriguing mystical and stylish looks, which prompted me to create this portrait. The late great Prince invited her to perform in the supporting act of his show. As always he had a keen eye for female beauty and talent. But MK decided to follow her own path through space and time thereby declining much greater acclaim, while in doing so preserving her artistic integrity.

Abe Lincoln

A successful wrestler (he won 300 fights and lost only 1), self-taught lawyer, legislator and vocal opponent of slavery, was elected 16th president of the United States in November 1860, shortly before the outbreak of the Civil War. Lincoln proved to be a shrewd military strategist and a savvy leader: His Emancipation Proclamation paved the way for the abolition of slavery.

Abe Lincoln was assassinated because he introduced the Greenback issued by the United States government, thus taking power away from privately owned banks. Anyone who plans to exit the physical domain, should just go against the bent policies of the corrupt banking system.

Crystal Reed

CR played the role of the ruthless Sofia Falcone in the movie Gotham. Her facial traits and mimicking skills allowed her to play that role in a convincing way. Main objective of this work was to create hair with custom vector brushes to save time while remaining realistic. Affinity Designer allows strokes and brushes to be given a variable, fully customizable width, gradient colour and opacity which is exactly what is needed to create realistic hair textures. Vector brushes, by the way, are based on bitmap renderings, which actually makes them pseudo vectors. Before rendering an image of a particular size, containing these, this matter therefore has to be taken into consideration, in order to prevent undesired pixelation.

Salvador Dali

Spanish surrealist painter that was well known for his excentric looks and behaviour. His full name was: Salvador Domingo Felipe Jacinto Dalí i Domènech, marquess de Dalí de Pubol, which indicates that he had a nobility background.  This vector image was created entirely in Affinity Designer. Click the image to see the progress sequence and additional information in my  CommuniCats  portfolio blog.

Emma Hardinge Britten

American EHB was a psychic in the English Modern Spiritualist Movement. She was consulted by high ranking politicians and business people, because she could provide valuable advice concerning policies, strategies, future events and helped rid them of ailments. She was a co-founding member of the Theosophical Society in New York in 1875, but around 1889 she decided to change course, because she felt that there was a insurpassable demarcation between Theosophy and Spirituality, not dismissing the verity of the former. If you would like to see the progress sequence and read more information on the creation of this portrait, please visit my portfolio blog by clicking here.

David Bohm

In this vector portrait of David Bohm I used various drawing techniques to achieve the proper appearence - 'painting' with custom vector brushes, drawing shapes and strokes and the Huion graphic tablet to draw the hairs. This is a work in progress (as of July 17 2020). Click here to see the update sequence in my portfolio blog, read more information on how the drawing was made and information about the life and work of the hyper intelligent and emphatic David Bohm, as he layed down in his 'Implicate Order' treatise.

Robin Williams

Vector portrait of Robin Williams created in Affinity Designer. 100% vector, zero pixels. Williams past away on August 11, 2014 in what is believed to be a tragic act of suicide. Great comedians are smart people, which they need to make good comedy, but they also also have an empathic character. The two characteristics combined lead them to see life's reality much more clearly than the average person. Click the link to see the progress sequence and read more about this portrait in my portfolio blog.

2x Elvis graphic portraits

EP is an American rock & roll legend. It is commonly believed that Elvis has left the building, but some deny it anyway. Other sources claim that he wasn't too friendly towards his partners some of whom were a bit younger than he was, which is rather strange since he could have had almost any woman that he wanted to have. I mean, the looks, the money and fame were all there. A tutorial in Affinity Designer on 'How to avoid hard edges in vector portraits' can be found here.

Graphic self portrait

Many artists in the history of human art have created self portraits, so I argued it would be apropriate to draw one. Click this link to see the sequence of progress in my portfolio blog. I used an X-mas  2014 photo as a reference image, because since those days I have grown far too old and ugly to clutter up this website page. This image shows me in my strange persona, which is, kind of, my default bearing.

Vector Butterfly

This was an exercise to create organic shapes (curves and strokes) in Affinity Designer, that take more time and effort to make in vector drawing programs of the competition (most of which I have worked with for two decades), while the result in Affinity Designer is superb, while the image can be resized without limit, keeping its crispness at every dimension.

CFM-56 Jet engine

The CFM56-3 is one of the most successful jet engines in civil aviation. This image was drawn for KLM's Technical Training Department to prove that creating tech art in CorelDRAW requires less time and is visually more appealing than art made in AutoCad. It took CorelDRAW one third of the time to draw this image that AutoCad required, which version at the time (1995) was only black and white.

Tech presentation

Technical presentation created in Rhinoceros 3D / Cinema 4D of a horticultural growing lamp and ballast (power regulator). A small company I used to work for once sold 300,000 of these in one sale to a Russian agricultural company, which was quite a hassle to actually produce within the limit of time agreed upon. Such a huge number of lamps indicates the fact that Russia is in the process of becoming self sufficient with regards to its food supply.

3D guitars

For years I have tried to get a decent sound out of a guitar, but miserably failed at these attempts. I did however manage to create proper guitars in 3D in the Rhinoceros program.

Nostalgic Grails logo

This neon effect logo was created in Affinity Designer.  NG sells vintage apparel, footwear, accessoiries and collectibles. Nostalgic Grails salespoints can be found at:
Depop as Hunting4Grails
Instagram as Nostalgic Grails
Youtube as Hunting 4 Grails

Inval docent logo

I drew this concept vector logo for a coaching company for young adults in Affinity Designer.

Capricorn sign

Capricorn, the western zodiac Sea Goat sign. The mix of land and marine life forms makes it different from the other symbols in the zodiac. It probably is in some way related to the  aquatic Nummo gods in the culture of the African Dogon tribe, that knew a lot about astrology long before anyone else did.

Celtic Tree of Life

The tree of life symbol is often used and rarely understood. Click here to visit my VectorWhiz art compilation blog to read about its progress. It is part of my quest to live life in a different way, in a different realm, one that offers ways to escape from the cyclical prison that this illusory reality actually is.

Would it kill you

To the mentally challenged that feel addressed. Getting the facial expression correct within the restrictions of emoji design, was what I tried to achieve. Especially the asymmetric aspect of the expression in the face is what I focussed on. Take a peek at a few other emojis I drew, here.  To all emojis alternative versions are added.... The progress of the version for evil people on this planet, you see here.

Renault Alpine A110

At this time (April 17 2020) this A110 drawing still is a work in progress, but the contours of this beautiful classic car are already becoming visible. It is my all time favorite vehicle, designed by the brilliant Giovanni Michelotti.

Range Rover Evoque

The Evoque is a fine example of superb modern minimalist and refined car design. Land Rover design chief Gerry McGovern was responsible for the eye-pleasing design of this most elegant vehicle.

View to a kill

The jag in the image above is the people, the caiman is the New World Order. The jag kills the caiman on the near (river) bank, that borders a current (fake currency) that flows (like money flows). On the far side of the river is its other bank that uses decentralized currency (crypto) as the new way to pay. It will be the post NWO era currency, in which the central banking system will have been drowned in the sea of blood of the people that it attempted to massacre - a killing by the killed.

Secret of the desert

Times of transition require to travel to different places and times, which often results in rough rides if movement is physical. But far beyond the horizon of awareness and sight of most, guides and guards accompany the travelers on their journey towards their destiny for this stint of existence in the material domain.

Welcome, dear food

Each predator is prey to an other one. The biggest, fastest and strongest can be decked by a small yet virulent micro organism that stealthily finds a way to the predator's vulnerable inners where it can undisturbedly do its destructive work. It is just a metaphor of course, because reality is nowhere near being real, really.