The About department
Below you find work related information. Somewhat more personal accounts you find here and here or here. From the early 90's of the previous century I have been involved professionally in developing educational material and commercial technical writing, mainly in the aviation and space advanced composites field. Click the images and links (in red type) in the text to see related information.

Vector Art

I am just an other dweller of this domain. The services I provide are shown on the Home page. Mainly I create realistic vector drawings, portraits, paintings, logos and illustrations with the magnificent Affinity Designer, like this 'The Jaguar and the Rose'. Occasionally I use Affinity Photo for bitmap editing jobs and portraits and Affinity Publisher for Desktop Publishing for print. In the future I may switch to the brilliant and sophisticated VectorStyler for creating vector artwork. I am currently intensively exploring this mind blowing program.

Creative Text

When I'm not creating visual art, I write entries for several of my blogs - my portfolio blogopinion blog and poetry blog or just write to keep from being bored. ​Boredom often is the phase that precedes inspiration and creativity, which is a good remedy against mediocracy. it makes life less miserable, which should not be the default state of living. One of the best ways to get immediate physical relief from being uninspired average, is to fart. For that reason farting in public should not be embarrassing, but encouraged.

Analog Art

From time to time I indulge in creating analog art, which is either (analog) airbrushing, pencil drawing or painting with acrylics on canvas or paper. These crafts have a therapeutic effect without the need of a shrink.  Sometimes I have Metallica, other times Danny GattonBlack Pumas or Angelo Debarre playing while doodling. Or just the singing of the birds in my ecological backyard. Occasionally I listen to Dark JournalistJoseph P Farrell or Forum Borealis on youtube which is some sort of relief against the gloom offered by mainstream propaganda.

3D Art

On rare occasions, I create 3D art. Sometimes to support the 2D images I draw to obtain the correct perspective, other times to just create a 3D object. I am by far no expert in this area, but I am able to create simple objects. I used to use Rhinoceros 3D for this purpose and at times DesignSpark. But recently, since Blender significantly updated its UI, that program may perhaps be a good alternative. However, I still need to get familiar with it to use it in a proper way.