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Personal accounts you find here and here or here. Some 30 years ago, relative to the current year of 2023, an event took place in my life that urged me to abandon the common, trivial and ignorant way of life that I had been living upto that time. Gradually I cast off the limited comfort zone that was induced in my awareness by powers in more elevated positions in the hierarchy of this world in the physical domain.


I am just an other dweller of this domain. Like you, I am trapped in this physical realm subjected to cyclical time and 3 dimensional space, that forces upon us repetitive and continuous cycles of death and rebirth, also known as Samsara according to Hinduism. But there also is Moksha, that is the liberation from Samsara. It is only possible to be liberated from a situation of incarceration, which is commonly understood as being imprisoned in a limited space for a long time after having committed a crime. In this world, there are no exceptions - both the guilty and innocent are foced to deal with the same confinement, that includes physical restriction as well as mental and spiritual limitation.  Moksha is also said to be:  freedom of all suffering, which implies that Samsara will cause humans to suffer.  Samsara is also a prison;  It is possible to leave earth on an airplane for a brief measure of time at significant cost, but a return to the surface of the planet can not be avoided. Astronauts travel a little farther, but also return (most of the time). In addition human is only able to use 10 to 20% of his or her brain capacity. If more brain capacity could be used, it would become possible to see the past and future in linear time. Linear time being a defective interpretation of cyclical time. Man could also independently cure any disease, bilocate, elevate, walk through walls, become invisible at will and remotely apply kinetic powers - among other things that currently seem far out of reach. Finally, spiritual experience and prowess are ridiculed and denied and generally not accepted to be an innate talent of mankind. These factors inside a setting of Samsara, make infinite progress impossible. Science is not even capable of explaining what mankind could do when (s)he has gone beyond making use of more than 40% of his brain capacity. But somewhere beyond and above that infinite progress becomes possible. If what these words express, you find difficult to fit into the scope of your comfort zone, think of what the infamous, but knowledgeable deep state foreman Donald Rumsfield once (accidentally  or not) spilt:

  • There are things we know
  • There are things we don't know
  • There are things of which we know that we don't know them
  • But there are also things that we do not know that we don't know them